the end of the world symphony

The Moral Crisis of Our Age

I'm a long-time fan of activist/scientist/cancer survivor/poet/writer Dr. Sandra Steingraber. Oh yeah.

Just watched a Bill Moyer interview with her here

& was moved to tears by her so-inspiring words/actions within 10 minutes.

Please watch.

This woman is a heroine. A mother, scientist, & also a person who is serving 15 days in jail for a trespassing offence - protesting fracking in New York State (non-violent civil disobedience, btw -- nothing violent or crazy, I assure you!).

Ms. Steingraber is simply brilliant, which I've known for quite some time. Also, she is integrity personified.

An amazing heroine for our time. I personally am moved by her words & actions well beyond what I can possibly articulate here.

Especially as a mother. What she says about her role as a mother in these unprecedented times, all mothers need to hear.

Please watch, listen...& then act!


p.s. what is the moral crisis of our age? The environmental crisis. Watch the interview all the way through, & hear Steingraber talk about the "end of the world symphony" & what your role in this symphony might best be. Do you want to be a "good German" ... or a member of the French Resistance? The choice is yours.

p.p.s. sooooo much wisdom is shared in this interview. You simply must watch it!!! (& then, share it around like crazy!!!!!)

p.p.p.s. thanks, DGR, for sending me the link to this interview!!

p.s. #4: a letter from Sandra S. in jail, here