looking in the mirror

We Are ALL Impossible

The words “So-&-So is impossible” came into my head one day recently – & I was very surprised with myself at having articulated this thought, considering that the person I was thinking of is someone I admire & respect & like enormously.

It wasn’t a very long leap from that thought to “Hmm. So am I. So are lots of people I can think of, in one way or another. Hmm. I guess we all are…”

And is it not so??

We all have faults, problems, neuroses, idiosyncrasies & habits that can and do drive our friends & loved ones nuts.

Most of us are pretty quick, I think, to point a finger at everyone else’s faults, problems, neuroses & irritating habits – instead of all of us just accepting as a given the fact that we’re all a royal pain in the neck sometimes (often, even) – & getting on about the necessary business of healing – ourselves, & the world (presumably, as we heal ourselves, we do heal the world? I’m not sure there is any other way it can happen).

Well. This is not particularly earth-shattering or profound – but I just thought I’d share the thought since it kind of occured to me that, if we would all acknowledge we’re all impossible – lots of situations & challenges we face are seemingly “impossible” also – yet we really don’t have any choice but to put one foot in front of the other & do our very best on this lifelong quest of healing, do we?