link to transcript of Pickering relicensing hearing

Brilliant! (Arnie G. at Pickering hearing)

******** p.s. on Aug.6/13: Listen here to Fairewinds Associates Arnie Gundersen share his remarks at the Pickering relicencing hearing. Theme? 40 years & 1 bad day. <from the Pickering nuclear hearing>

Presentation by Fairewinds Associates Chief Engineer Arnie Gundersen.

Former nuclear insider himself.

With an interesting history (got fired down in the U.S. for simply telling the truth)

Points out a nuke plant can have 40 good years & one bad day.

& we all know that, in the case of a nuke plant, 1 bad day is no joke.

His report for Durham Nuclear Awareness is here 

Watch the CNSC site for a Webcast of the hearing

That will be on their site for 3 months

When the written transcript becomes available in pdf format, I will post a link to it here.


p.s.  I voted Arnie ‘Man of the Year' & I stand by that nomination!!  

p.p.s. btw, during Mr. Gundersen's time in discussion with the CNSC tribunal, Tribunal Prez Michael Binder had a bit of a mini-meltdown (which he is somewhat wont to do) & spoke in a very rude manner to the American nuclear expert, when Mr. Gundersen spoke about regulatory capture. Unfortunately I did not record exactly what Mr. Binder said. You can read about the global nature of regulatory capture here