Garbage picker

<May 9/15> <one day, walking along the boardwalk>


I did not set out to be a garbage-picker

You understand


Plans = neat

Life = messy


(as I have been known to say)



But that’s the thing about callings


You don’t call them


They call you




p.s. info on one of the big plastic garbage "gyres" - if this doesn't make you want to pick up plastic when U R walking near a body of water (so it doesn't land up in the water), I dunno what will!?

‘Quote of the day’ with this post: “I began to have an idea of my life, not as the slow shaping of achievement to fit my preconceived purposes, but as the gradual discovery and growth of a purpose which I did not know.” – Joanna Field (b. 1900), English psychologist


“Do not think your truth can be found by anyone else.” – André Gide (1869-1951), French writer


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