Robertson Davies

Down Day. Not for long!

<written Sept. 21/09>

Feeling pretty dreary today. Not sure why. Quite a few possible “causes,” which out of great consideration, I will spare you, Gentle Reader…

Didn’t feel like writing at all. Thought maybe I’d gone dry.

Read a very neat poem I dug out of the recesses of my knapsack. By William Stafford. It’s called ‘A Ritual to Read to Each Other.’ Wow. (Thanks for that one, Phil!!)

Read over a few journal entries. Listened to some cheery, sing-y music at my new local coffee spot. Was reminded of some great books & writers who always cheer me up (or, alternatively, inspire me & make me get off my butt. The list of these grows ever longer, thankfully!).

& another lovely poem, this one by Robertson Davies, called ‘Do Something for Somebody Quick’ (pasted in below).

& felt miraculously cheered up.

Wow! That down mood sure didn’t last very long.

Something to be grateful for. As Kurt Vonnegut would say, “If that isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.”


Do Something for Somebody Quick!

There’s an excellent rule I have learned in life’s school,

And I’m ready to set it before you.

When you’re heavy at heart and your world falls apart,

Do not pity yourself, I implore you.

No, up with your chin, meet bad luck with a grin,

And try this infallible trick.

It never will fail you, whatever may ail you –


OH –

Do something for somebody quick,

It will banish your cares in a tick.

Don’t fret about you – there’s a good deed to do –


Robertson Davies in Murhter & Walking Spirits