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Pain Bodies on Parade (or Oh, To Be a Duck)

<Sept. ‘08>

Have you read Eckhart Tolle?

If not, my most excellent & heartfelt advice to you is, run out as soon as possible and buy (or borrow) his books & read him!!!

Read A New Earth – Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose. You’ll find you’ll want to dip into its astonishingly helpful life truths again & again & again. (1)

This is an extraordinary time in human history.

Hmmm. Allow me to re-phrase that.

This is perhaps the most astonishing, beyond devastating and tragic to potentially apocalyptic, time in the history of our species (it certainly isn’t boring, though, is it?)

Only if you have your head planted firmly in the ground, ostrich-style, with ears and eyes firmly closed up with duct tape, can you miss seeing the truth that planetary devastation and the collapse of “civilization” as we know it are staring us squarely in the face.

We’ve waged war on each other and on the planet that sustains us, for between 5 & 10,000 years now.

War, poverty, greed, violence, cruelty, discrimination –  all are major stars on the world stage.

In our personal lives, greed, self-delusion and obsession with the past (our hurts, our pain) and the future (when we will triumph! When we will be rich/thin/admired/retired/“well”…) keep us from “being here now” to see what is really going on in our personal lives, and to the very planet we inhabit. There is also, I’d venture to say, a rather extraordinary epidemic of terminal, blind self-absorption.

Well. To pain bodies, hmm? My own pain body(2) made a big and rather noisy appearance recently. It stunned me – took me completely by surprise – and “got the better of me,” big-time. I thought I was “past” that kind of unconscious being-swallowed-up-by my own “crud,” for lack of a better way of putting it.

Oops! Not quite! Haven’t quite, yet, transmuted all that old … crap.

The specifics are not particularly relevant. I was in a setting where I suppose pain bodies make rather frequent appearances (a hospital), and where family “dramas” probably happen at the drop of a hat; for sure, though, the spectacular appearance of my own PB took me entirely by surprise.

It wasn’t actually until a couple of days later (with the help of Tolle and Oprah) that I actually “got” what had grabbed hold of me.

I do believe what we are seeing around us – in our individual lives and on the societal/world stage – is a spectacular, earth-wide drama of “pain bodies on parade.”

What is a person to do??

Well, I don’t have any simple answers or guarantees, dear Reader.

I can recommend that we all begin by reading Eckhart Tolle (whose views and insights, by the way, are consistent with all or most religious traditions and also with non-belief, actually – he’s an equal opportunity kind of guy!) – grasping that this pivotal time in human history is calling each one of us to heal ourselves (by learning to live in the present moment; sounds easy, huh? Bit more challenging than it sounds, but do-able…) – so that we stand some chance of helping heal “the world.”

And then, I’d say, we all ought to follow the advice of that amazing and inspiring Dalai Lama, who has said, “The most important meditation is critical thinking – followed by action.”

And oh dear me, I’ve gone & forgotten to explain the duck part!

Tune in to “Ducks, Unlimited; Humans? Also Unlimited…”



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(1) Watch his Webcasts with Oprah, too! They are wonderful and inspiring and definitely have the potential to be life-changing. Catch them here

(2) Tolle has articulated the concept of the “pain body” in both The Power of Now and A New Earth. It’s a concept that illuminates a very great deal, I must say! Google it and watch a short YouTube for an explanation.