Oh Canada

Canada: Fossil Award Champion!

As I said in a previous post, Ohhhh Canada..... (For those who do not know Canada well, our national anthem, the one we used to sing & get a lovely warm feeling from, begins "Oh Canada, our home & native land." Lately, the words "Oh Canada" have a different resonance for me altogether.) Anyway.

Just want to give you a few blog links for some good reading.

Go here for Greenpeace Canada's Climate & Energy Coordinator Dave Martin's latest blog post, in which Canada's dubious fossil award distinction is explained.

You can also visit here to see a short YouTube on the Fossil Awards (sponsored by Avaaz.org)

Please go here to read Lorraine Rekman's blog post 'The Humiliation of Canada.' Unfortunately, Canada is not the great shining place so many of us have believed it to be...

& for lots of coverage of stories coming out of Copenhagen from IPS Terraviva, you can go here