Canada: Fossil Award Champion!

As I said in a previous post, Ohhhh Canada..... (For those who do not know Canada well, our national anthem, the one we used to sing & get a lovely warm feeling from, begins "Oh Canada, our home & native land." Lately, the words "Oh Canada" have a different resonance for me altogether.) Anyway.

Just want to give you a few blog links for some good reading.

Go here for Greenpeace Canada's Climate & Energy Coordinator Dave Martin's latest blog post, in which Canada's dubious fossil award distinction is explained.

You can also visit here to see a short YouTube on the Fossil Awards (sponsored by Avaaz.org)

Please go here to read Lorraine Rekman's blog post 'The Humiliation of Canada.' Unfortunately, Canada is not the great shining place so many of us have believed it to be...

& for lots of coverage of stories coming out of Copenhagen from IPS Terraviva, you can go here


Dec. 12: "Vigils for a Real Deal" - all over!

While the Copenhagen meetings take place in Denmark, "regular" citizens from all over the world will express their own passion about the need for action on climate change this Saturday, Dec. 12th, by holding candlelight "Vigils for a Real Deal."

Go to the Avaaz.org site to find listings of events taking place all over.

It's pretty amazing - & very inspiring! - to look at the Avaaz. map & get such a visceral sense of the truly global nature of humanity's concern about climate change...

It isn't too late to do one of your own, wherever you live! (The Avaaz. site tells you how; just do it!!)

So far, there are 2937 events planned in 137 countries!

Go here to see the listings & find out how to register your own. Please be a bit patient with the site. Wait a moment, then scroll down to find the listings. I promise, you'll be impressed!!

373 now listed for Canada, as a whole country.

I'm currently living in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) where there are 30 events listed.

Find Toronto's by first clicking on Canada, then find Toronto, & click.

I plan to attend 2 events that day. I know it'll feel great to be in the company of others who not only give a darn about climate change, but care enough to get together & do something about it.

Happy December 12th 'Global Day of Action on Climate Change' to you!!


P.S. Since I posted this, I heard about two events in Oshawa, near where I used to live. Two candlelight vigils at 3 pm to support action on climate change & register opposition to local plans for incineration of waste.

Details: Saturday, December 12 at 03:00.

Place: Corner of Stevenson's Rd. and King St. W. (Hwy. 2), Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. You can find a listing on the Avaaz site, as above.