Arnie Gundersen for Man of the Year

Arnie for Man of the Year!

** check out the Fairewinds site & sign up for weekly podcasts; highly recommended!! ** also, check out this podcast to learn about how whistleblowers are dealt with in the U.S. Includes Arnie's own story. I think of him as just Arnie – to those who may not be as familiar with him & his work, I refer to him as Arnie G. (recent postings on this blog about him/his work here & here )

He’s Arnie Gundersen – former nuclear industry insider, then whistleblower, now global guru on nuclear dangers & what needs to be done to avert nuclear disasters here, there & everywhere.

I’d never heard of Arnie Gundersen before the Fukushima nuclear disaster happened. I’m relatively new to anti-nuclear activism, &, being Canadian, am more up on the nuclear scene here at home than on the U.S. or international picture.

But Fukushima kind of blew the lid off everything…didn’t it? (Well, maybe it didn’t for you, but it sure did for me.)

Arnie & Fairewinds have done a ton of Fukushima coverage – if you go the ‘Video’ tab on the Fairewinds Web site, you’ll find them all neatly laid out.

What I like so much about Arnie is the way he demystifies nuclear complexities, using language anyone can understand. He’s down-to-earth & real – no airs about him, & his videos & podcasts pack a real wallop of useful information.

Last night I listened to the (33-minute) podcast of a recent (Burlington, Vermont) CCTV interview Arnie did recently. Title: ‘Can The Humans Find a Way to Store Nuclear Waste?’ (Although at the beginning of the podcast his interviewer Margaret Harrington refers to the title as ‘The gift that keeps on giving: nuclear waste.’)

As always, I was blown away by Gundersen’s knowledge, his calm, generous manner & his deep concern about nuclear risks.

I don’t feel very wordy today. I’m going to leave it at this.

I just want to say that Arnie has my vote for Man of the Year.

Here’s to Arnie Gundersen for being a super-dedicated, energetic, hard-working truth-teller!!  

(We need lots more Arnies…if only he could be cloned!!)


p.s. which is not at all to take away from the many, many other people doing heroic work in the trenches of this nasty, stubborn, horrible issue. I’m not even going to get started on a list, ‘cos I wouldn’t be able to get stopped again! Thanks to all of you!!      You know who you are…

p.p.s. to get a sense of the depth of the nuclear waste crisis, take a look at this brochure from the U.S. Beyond Nuclear group. They have a boatload of other great Fact Sheets & brochures too.

p.p.p.s. the problem with nuclear energy has always always always been the waste. The problem is now 70 years old, with no solution in sight. Not pretty! Also, not even remotely solvable by averting our eyes from it…

‘Quote of the day’ with this post: “Nobody really knows how to clean up radiation.”  day labourer in Japan who is working on clean-up in village 20 miles from the Fukushima Daiichi reactors.

Runner-up Quote:  “There still are people in Nevada who are saying we’ll take the waste because we want the jobs. Boy that’s a Faustian bargain. You get jobs for more than a hundred years & you wind up with waste for a quarter of a million years. To me it doesn’t seem to be a very good trade-off.” – Arnie Gundersen in late Dec. 2012 TV interview with Margaret Harrington 

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