American Thanksgiving


American Thanksgiving weekend in the U.S. is this coming weekend (Nov. 28th). (We Canadians had ours back in mid-October.)

I just want to say that I think Americans should be very thankful to know that Dr. Sandra Steingraber is spending Thanksgiving weekend in jail - on your behalf.

Sandra has been one of my heroes for a long time now. She is brilliant & courageous & wildly articulate in both her written & spoken words.

I'm not going to waste any more words here, OK?

Just read this article about what has motivated Ms. Steingraber to spend Thanksgiving weekend behind bars.

The article contains links also, so you can watch 2 short interviews in which she explains the fracking monster in New York State's Finger Lakes Region

& why she has chosen to be in jail rather than at home, cooking a turkey for her family.

May her actions inspire others!


'Quote for today': “Don’t fight forces – use them.” – Buckminster Fuller

p.s. some Steingraber quotations here & also a link to an interview with Bill Moyers (from early 2013)

p.p.s. lots of great fracking-related info on her Web site!

p.p.p.s. good quotations about gratitude here.