<May 4/16.>

I feel … “human” again today.


Yesterday was not a good day.

I felt like I was spinning.

I was sad.

I was anxious.

I felt like a mess, pretty much, to be perfectly honest with you.


But today is a new day!

Had some sleep.

Took some time to lie quietly in bed for a long while after I woke up. A meditation time, sort of. (Yes, cheating. Lying down.)


Washed the dishes that had been sitting there for a couple of days. 🙁

Sitting on a bench now, by the lake

after a walk


Tom Harpur thinks that’s what “the Resurrection” in Christianity is actually meant to be about.

It’s a myth. A metaphor.


We rise every day with a clean(ish) slate.


Makes sense to me!

Not a big fan of organized religion, personally.

(My posts on this subject


I think it doesn’t matter so very very much what we were taught.
We need to grab some truth now.


Resurrection is possible

for each of us

every day


Every day

Every minute!


(& for sure, a good night’s sleep can put a whole new slant on life.

It sure often does for me!)



‘Quote of the day’ with this post:

“If you need to feel hope, you’re courting despair, and if you court despair you will stop working. So try to wean yourself from this need to have hope. Try to have faith instead, to do what you can, and stop worrying about whether or not you’re effective…Worry about what is possible for you to do, which is always greater than you imagine.” ~ Oscar Romero, activist priest from El Salvador, assassinated in 1980 while offering Mass.