Chernobyl. 30 Years.

Not gonna to lie to you. I feel heartbroken a lot of the time lately.

There are, of course, many, many reasons to feel this way.

(((I used to feel mad – or even occasionally outraged – a lot. I actually used to have a bumper sticker on my car that read ‘If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.’ That goes back a while… 🙂  Now, I mostly feel sad – but beyond sad, as I say. Heartbroken.)))

***** Interjection! Walking helps a lot. Being detached from my “devices” (laptop, email, Facebook, the Internet) helps too. Little kids & trees, also. (Well, & the lake, of course.) & music. & time with friends/loved ones, & walking. (Did I already mention walking?? 🙂 🙂 )


So. Today marks the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster (April 26, 1986). Still identified by many “experts” as the worst nuclear disaster ever – due (I think) to theextremely widespread geographical dispersion of its nuclear payload – on land. Fukushima is of course a monumental disaster/catastrophe also; some may speak of the great good fortune (for people) that so much of the fallout in Japan was blown toward the ocean, given the wind direction at the time, & less on land. (Good for people maybe; maybe not so good for the life/critters in the ocean, hmmm?)

Well. Those are details.

Go ahead & split hairs if you feel so inclined.



Fact is, the environmental disaster aspect pales (almost) beside the human impacts.

Meaning, the ongoing contamination in the air – the water – the soils – people’s food – the trees & plants & crops – & in people & critters’ bodies.

Particularly the bodies of children.

Last night, I watched a 43-minute documentary called ‘Children of Chernobyl 28 years later: a report on low level, long term radiation exposure’ – made in 2014 by a Japanese documentary filmmaker. About the long-term, ever-ongoing health impacts of the Chernobyl disaster – on the children of Ukraine (& Belarus & Russia, the areas of highest fallout).

Note that the impacts described in this documentary are not from a disaster that took place yesterday afternoon, or last year, or 5 or even 15 years ago – but 30 years ago.


Radiation / fallout = the ‘gift’ that goes on ‘giving.’ Genetic legacy, hmmm?


Human beings have done – continue to do daily – things so colossally stupid, thoughtless, cruel, malicious, dangerous and life-destroying – that I have to tell you, it just plain boggles my mind.


After (in my own case) just under 30 years of environmental activism.

Boggles my mind

breaks my heart.


Children – our children & our grandchildren – are the innocents.

How hugely we betray them.








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‘Quote of the day’ with this post: “Uranium is the mineral of the apocalypse.” – Donald Weber