One day on the subway

** I wrote this as part of a collection of letters to my kids 4 years ago now. Got remembering it a few posts ago; don't remember now which one it was that made it pop up again in my mind. Anyway, here it is, as I wrote it back in April 2008.  April 5, 2008.

Dear JK: 

I expect you’ll be surprised to hear your old geezer mother saying this, but I’ve recently become quite in awe of sheer human potential – as individual human beings, & thus, as a species. In the past several years (post-menopause), I’ve often felt as though I’m full to bursting with energy…creativity… potential.

It was awesome hearing Dr. Christiane Northrup say, in her wonderful book The Wisdom of Menopause, “Our brains catch fire at menopause.” Not only are menopausal women a long way from being dead or “over the hill,” our brains are positively on fire at this stage of life. Well, hooey!!   

Sometimes, I feel so good, I feel like a tadpole sprouting legs. Gotta love that, eh?? 

So. I’m more & more aware – & in awe of – our potential as human beings – all the time. And, as you know, I’m totally addicted to inspiring quotations.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “What lies behind us and what lies ahead are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” I just love that. It resonates for me hugely.

We are capable of so much!!

(Of course, there are things it’s best to leave behind, or put behind us – things that hamper our potential – like worn-out attitudes, expectations, assumptions, judgments…& lots of emotional baggage – if we want to live up to our potential… I know I’ve been working on living from the in-side out, rather than the out-side in, the past few years, & it’s helping me, for sure.)

Anyway, what happened to me on the subway was this: I stood there, feeling that “I’m a tadpole sprouting legs” sensation...musing on how much potential there is in me, then looked around the subway car & thought, “Wow!! We’re all capable of soooooo very much – the people on this one subway car alone could blow the roof off if they all woke up to their inner potential. Imagine what the whole subway train, with all its cars – or the whole city of Toronto – or the whole world! – would be capable of, if we all began focusing on possibilities and potential, instead of on problems & limitations.”


Well now, I know I’m a bit of a wacko. I get these unusual feelings & insights sometimes. I guess I'm just not very much “like everyone else.”

But you know, none of us is really “like everyone else,” & therein lies our strength, surely, not our weakness??

If we all (or even just a lot more of us) got that insight, & took the energy we waste in trying to be like everyone else & applied it to making the world a saner, healthier place – well … the sky is really the limit!!!!!!!

That's what I think, anyway.

So. Epiphany on the subway. What next from your weird mother, hmmm??



'Quote of the day' with this post: “We are not meant to fit in; we're meant to stand out.” – Sarah Ban Breathnach