Honouring Rosalie

Dr. Rosalie Bertell was a nun, scientist, writer & activist who pioneered work on the human health & environmental impacts of ionizing radiation & disseminated her expertise & her energy around the world. A very special woman indeed! She died this past June at the age of 83. You will find tributes to her here, here & here (& there are many more!), & if you use Google, you'll find a wealth of material, including video footage, of this amazingly inspiring scientist.

Last Saturday (Sept. 29/12), I attended a tribute event in Toronto hosted by the International Institute of Concern for Public Health (IICPH), an organization co-founded by Dr. Bertell.

The event was lovely. Well-done, well-attended & a fine tribute to Rosalie Bertell's work.

At the end of the evening, one of Dr. Bertell's colleagues from IICPH asked how we can honour Rosalie, & this is the list she read out:

  • Oppose nuclear power – it makes nuclear bombs possible. The entire nuclear system & industry is a threat to all planetary health.
  • March in the streets! This is the way we ended slavery, obtained equal access to schools & services, got voting rights for women & stopped the Vietnam War.
  • Oppose war & threats of war.
  • Demand the right to health, education & equal opportunity for all.
  • Speak truth to power, & have the courage to prevail.
  • Be fearless & compassionate.


This all sounds like wise words & very good advice to me!


'Quote of the day' with this post: “The future belongs to those who truly love Earth, its seed and its children. It is a passion that will overcome the addictive death wish of our current greedy and reckless culture. I have always believed that life is stronger than death. Death only leads the way when we are kept in the dark… The truth will not be paralysing – it will set you free.” – Rosalie Bertell in Sweeping the Earth – Women Taking Action for a Healthy Planet