Darlington Refurbishment: Resources

** a post-Darlington refurbishment hearing series of posts is explained, listed & linked here, at ‘Darlington Daze.’ In my previous post I referred to the current nuclear situation in Durham Region, east of Toronto (Ontario, Canada). Our provincial government & the military-industrial complex want to build new reactors at Darlington & "refurbish" the existing ones. Some of us (lots of us!) think both of these things are a dumb idea. Not just dumb. Dangerous. Some of us are doing something about it.

In my last post I made an appeal to people to come forward & help fight the nuclear madness.

This post consists of a list of resources you can make use of, whether you're in Durham Region, Toronto, TROC (the rest of Canada), or anywhere else on Planet Earth. Understand, there is a ton of anti-nuclear activism taking place on our planet - especially in Japan! So this list is far from "complete." Even so, I think it's a useful one. (Under the 'Nuclear Resources' heading on this blog you'll also find a list of anti-nuclear groups - also inevitably incomplete, but potentially useful, I hope! And, tons of very pithy quotations!)

So, here goes:

Resources on Nuclear


Beyond Nuclear


Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility (CCNR)

Good item on refurbishment here


Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA)


Greenpeace Canada


International Institute of Concern for Public Health


Lake Ontario Waterkeeper 



Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS)


Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission


Ontario Power Generation