UnSung Heroes

<Sept. 24/12> This little phrase keeps coming up inside my head.

Seems to me, as our civilization is dying (for it is surely dying, no thinking person can deny this), we are overdue to admit that the great gods Money & Acquisition have failed us, & that the people who do the most to make life on this planet / in our lives worthwhile & joyful are mostly un-appreciated & un-recognized for what they do.

They are “unsung heroes.”

& heroines, of course. Cursed English language, in which the male form of usage & meaning is so over-weighted.

I had the phrase “un-sung heroes” in my head, & then I thought how such a huge per cent-age of the un-sung heroes are actually women … so why does the phrase “heroes” as opposed to “heroines” come into my head, hmmm? Yes. Hmmm. Kinda burns my ass.   

But never mind. This is not my lecture for the Patriarchy 101 course, although I could go down that road.

Not gonna.

Just gonna leave this at suggesting we all ponder on all the unsung heroines/heroes in our lives & the world – & start singing to them. Then they won’t be unsung.

Ya dig?

(you could reflect that it is what Hazel Henderson calls “the love economy” that really makes the world go around. Not money. It’s love – love of our “fellow man” (here we go again) & our families, that really matters.

& not to put too fine a point on it, everything we do on this planet derives from 2 main things:

  • the Earth itself & her abundant resources & gifts, &
  • that great burning fireball 93 million miles away that we call the sun.

Neither of which we ever seem to give much credit, do we??

It’s all us-us-us, & how great our human achievements are (&, of course, the great god Money).

Well, bah. Humbug.

I say, let’s start observing the things that really matter. The things that really give us the most joy.

& let’s start singing to all those unsung heroines/heroes who really make our lives worth living.


p.s. I am not so very-very sure how much longer we have, people, to show our appreciation for these very special people (& the Earth, & the sun), so maybe we’d best get at it, post-haste, hmmm?

p.p.s. these thoughts came to me on this morning’s walk. As I walked briskly down a very beautiful country road on this stunning sunny crisp Fall day, I spotted signs that said ‘Dead End’ & ‘Be Prepared to Stop,’ & I thought “Yup! Yup, yup, yup.”

‘Quote of the day with this post: “The best things in life are not things.” – Source unknown


“It is inherent in the methodology of economics to ignore [our] dependence on the natural world.” – E.F. Schumacher

“Our growth economy is based on greed and envy stimulated by aggressive advertising.” –Herman Daly

“The earth has enough for everyone’s need, but not for anyone’s greed.”–Gandhi

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