Slow Down!

<Aug. 27/12.> So, here I am, on Day 2 of this 5-day camping trip in Algonquin Park – one of my very-very favourite places on the planet.

Day 1 – hot, sunny, glorious.

Day 2 – today – the odd bit of rain spitting (nothing much to it, actually, luckily!), & the morning enlivened by 2 members of our party of 6 experiencing the enormous privilege of witnessing 25 or so snapping turtles emerging from their shells, from a hole in the ground, into their brand-new turtle lives. How cool is that?? Not the sort of thing one sees in “normal” life, hmmm?

Three others of us paddled over to the same spot later (me getting an opportunity to practice sterning the canoe, with patient teaching from 2 more experienced stern-ers) to check out the birth scene (a few tiny turtles still in evidence near the hole, btw, & even an egg left in it!).

We sat there awhile, & I so wish I could do justice in words to our beautiful surroundings from our vantage point on a small, mostly rock-y island. Big lake. No houses, cabins, motorboats, or any other human beings in sight. Beautiful rock face nearby, & just lots of lake & trees, sky & beauty.

Just sittin’, chillin’, talking quietly about turtles, speculating on their ways, & recognizing that we (so-often arrogant) humans know practically nothing about the ways & lives of turtles.

& I think, Yeah. Slow downnnnnnnn.

We move & think & live so fast. Our culture moves us along too fast to even think things through properly, mostly. It’s become Ready, Fire!!!!...Aim more often than not.

Advising us to slow down is a little late at this point, of course. It’s a little “too late” to stop the steamroller, hmmm?

But at least as individuals we can choose to slow down a little once in a while, or even often…can’t we??

Take breaks from “reality.” Hikes. Picnics. Occasional outings in kayak or canoe, or en bicyclette (even a regular daily walk).

Only because it’s so very, very enjoyable…soul-satisfying, really … to do so.


p.s. I can think of one or two other aspects of our normal daily lives we can also slow down, to considerable enjoyment. Food. Slow food. Lovemaking, if I may be so bold. Savouring life more…hmm? Ahhhhhhhhhh………….

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‘Quote of the day with this post: “Life is short. Break the rules! Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly. Love truly, laugh uncontrollably. And never regret anything that made you smile.” – Source unknown

Runner-up for Q. of the day: “My own definition of Dada: an insane lyrical impulse to remain light and carefree, always looking for something to wonder or marvel at, or love, or laugh at, but always remaining illogical and joyous in a world gone mad with too much logic, seriousness, science, newspapers, war, and destruction.” – Irving Stettner