Roads Not Taken

<August 26/12.> For some reason that old Robert Frost poem ‘The Road Not Taken' has been in my mind lately.

Robert Frost & I go back a long way. When I was a kid, I memorized his poem ‘Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening’ (yes, I’m an old geezer who was required in Grade 5 to memorize a certain number of lines of poetry. I chose ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling & Frost’s ‘Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening’ & I can’t remember what others now).

So. So many roads not taken, hmmm?

I certainly didn’t go down the “brilliant career” road, or the “rich & famous” road.

I don’t even drive the same roads as everyone else. Just drove today on quiet back roads – scenic & not at all busy, & could only go 80 kms/hour max due to all the hills & curves (& two deer I did not run into, but would have if I’d been driving too fast). It was awesome…so pretty.

Nor did I go down the roads where all you care about is how good you look, how much money you make, how big your house is, & how fancy & expensive your vacation spots.


I’m just setting out on a 5-day vacation that is costing me $12 a night. We’ll be cooking our own food, & we’ve brought it all with us (a bunch of us are cooperating on our meals).

A camping trip on a beautiful lake in Algonquin Park (in Ontario, Canada), with awesome friends, & as Kurt Vonnegut would say, “If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.”

& just 2 days ago I had another canoe outing (on the Ottawa River) with a friend, that was absolutely to die for.

& you know how it feels to be in this beautiful place?

Like I’ve died & gone to heaven.

That’s where “the road less traveled by” has taken me.

Thank goodness for all those other roads/paths not taken!!   


p.s. all canoe-related postings now under one heading, here 

‘Quote for Today: “No matter how far you’ve gone down a wrong road, TURN BACK!” – Source unknown