Gratitude – 1 more

I’ve probably written more postings about gratitude than on any other topic. I know – I’m a broken record!? But here I sit on a rock outcropping overlooking the Ottawa River at what is perhaps my very favourite place on the planet. A stunningly beautiful beach – utterly unspoiled, mostly un-peopled most of the time, even – & across the river are hills & trees-trees-trees…& more sandy beaches.

It’s to die for!!  

I no longer live within easy walking/biking/driving distance of this gorgeous spot (as I did at one time), & am only visiting in the area for a short while.

And, right now, feeling very very grateful.

I’ve been connected to this river my whole life, really. Well, ever since I was two, anyway. Grew up way, way downriver, east of Ottawa, west of Montreal. Then, later, had a close relationship with a cottage that was upriver from Ottawa.

The river keeps calling me back! Sort of mysterious, really. 

But I’m digressing utterly from what I set out to say. It’s really just a quick thought I wanted to express. Merely an opinion. Strongly-held…but merely an opinion.


I think the mess our species is now in – a mess we’re in utterly up to our eyeballs & near-drowning in, by now – can be laid at the feet of a very simple (but profound) phenomenon.

I believe we ceased as human beings at some point (debatable when, but does it really matter at this juncture?) to be grateful – deeply, deeply reverent & grateful – for the stunningly beautiful, abundant planet that is our home.

We began taking it “for granted.” Abused & polluted it (& ourselves) with greed & violence & a deep lack of proper care & regard.

Some of us have lost relationships to the very same phenomenon, really.

A failure to celebrate & be grateful to & for each other.

Too much taking things/circumstances/people for granted.

I think we all want an abundant & fulfilling life, don’t we? I wish we would all of us, every single one of us, consider taking up a simple but miraculous & transformational habit.

Active, mindful gratitude.

I’m not going to tell you how to do it – I’ve already written about that elsewhere (all related postings are listed here, & there is a how-to posting on the list).

I can almost guarantee you that a faithful effort at this will change your life.

Gratitude is actually magical.

But don’t take my word for it…try it out for yourself!

It won’t cost you a penny – & it will very likely end up making you rich!


p.s. although wealth, as I’ve learned along the way, actually has nothing whatsoever to do with money

‘Quote of the day with this post: “Abundance is not something we acquire. It’s something we tune into.” Wayne Dyer (more gratitude quotations here)