Dog Daze

<July 31/12.> ('Dog days' being a reference to the hot hot hot weather we've been experiencing…)

I have not been blogging faithfully of late. My life has been quite…hmmm…is the word rocky? roller-coaster-y?? lately. For the past few months. There’s been a lot going on. There is a lot going on.

Right now I’m house-sitting for a friend & must admit, feel a little as though I may have died & gone to heaven. Her house is on the river (a river polluted with tritium & other rather nasty radionuclides, being downriver &/or in the neighbourhood of 1 or 2 nuclear facilities, but let’s lay that aside for the moment, shall we?? I’m not aware of the existence of any pristine bodies of water on this still-quite-lovely planet of ours, & I darn well enjoy being beside this one).

So I came here from noisybusysmoggy Toronto yesterday, Toronto being a city I quite enjoy, often or even mostly, actually, but maybe only when I am not contemplating living there, which I am at the moment… I’ve always said it is a great place to visit but…you know…I wouldn’t want to live there.

It’s this awful off-the-charts summer of 2012 of high temperatures & drought & millions of people in India as we speak being without power (i.e., without electricity, but what a funny phrase, “without power” – we are never really without power, are we??)

& last week I read a blog posting that suggests/predicts we HBs (human beans) may be on our very last legs as a species – not that this ought to be “news” exactly (tho’ I can pretty much guarantee you will not be hearing it on tonight’s TV news or weather, or anywhere in the newspapers)

& what’s in the “news” (if we may call it that) at the moment (good lord but the mainstream news media make me tired) is the Olympic spectacle & people speculating (apparently) as to whether a royal baby is on the way (give me strength).

I, meanwhile, am rassling with my own personal accommodation/moving issues, & now I hear that our demise as a species is liable to occur rather sooner even than I had supposed likely (though I’ve long thought well hooey, how long, realistically, can our species hang in, when all the living systems all around us are dying? I mean...)

& this blog posting or rant or whatever it is that it is is not meant to be about despair, 'though I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to the occasional little tapdance with despair myself lately

& so in these troubled times (speaking of understatement) both personal & species level I am grateful to have this peaceful interlude at my friend’s house, where the sounds are mostly bird or insect ones (though I am hearing a train whistle as I write this) & it is not at all likely that I will encounter any humans trying to steal my belongings or harm or cheat me (apart from that impersonal poisoning of one of Canada’s most iconic rivers, as I say, with nuclear leftovers: that does not feel really personal, you might say, not the way a thief at my door would be, say)

& you know it also isn’t as if predictions of the end of our run are unheard of. I’ve been re-reading one of my very favourite books, Broken Open – How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow, by Elizabeth Lesser, a gem of a writer & person, clearly, to whom a psychic once said “…human beings were coming into ‘the last days.’ This period of time could extend for a decade, or a century, or more.” Etc.

but for sure I feel a little lately as though I am, & have been, spinning

so I’ve returned to Eckhart Tolle (am listening once again to some of his awesome audiotapes) & now Pema Chödrön (in book form, as it happens, tho’ she too is available in audio form from the same source)

& these two wise-wise-wise modern spiritual teachers are helping me calm down, take a breath, return to the present moment, stop spinning out, & just … breathe.

& I’m really glad I joined the small group of Americans, led by Buddhist nun Jun-San Yasuda, on their walk the other day (they are walking around Lake Ontario, taking a month to do it, to bring attention to the dangers of nuclear power), & I was with them when they passed by the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station, a place I kinda love to hate (I know, I know, hate is a very un-spiritual thing to admit to, but then I never ever ever claim to be even remotely spiritual, now, do I???)

& our walk – their walk – will not likely cause the nuclear behemoth to fall, THAT I’m pretty sure about, but I’ve always found in my own wee personal life that action is an almost surefire antidote to feelings of despair 

& despair or near-despair could very well be more frequent companions in the daze ahead, given these oh-so-sobering-well-let’s-face-it-unprecedented times we are living in…

so I’ll have to keep right on reading &/or listening to Pema & ET

& taking action…& walking daily

& knowing that I don’t have to know what’s going to happen next…‘cos none of us can know or control what’s going to happen next

all we can really do is remember to be fully present right here, right now, right here, right now

& that’s the best – the very very best way…the only way, actually…to be fully ALIVE


& so, thus endeth this weird little … whatever it is that it is.


p.s. not long after I typed this up (no Internet access where I am right now) a humdinger of a storm blew through. Hooey!! It was scary, actually. It was like a mini-hurricane. Lots of debris afterward – some trees down, the screened-in porch area trashed with water & pine needles & twigs. Quite the storm it was, & there sure do seem to be a lot of these happening lately. As in, 3 weeks in a row now I’ve been hanging out in eastern Ontario & have witnessed 3 humdinger storms passing through. Can you say climate change??

p.p.s. last week was an interesting week for me both personally & in terms of what came through my e-mail Inbox.

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