Paths, Plans…& Plato

So, I got thinking about paths this morning. On my daily walk in the woods, I’m usually on a path, & the paths go all over the place, & some diverge & others beckon & some of them are dead ends (well, no, that isn’t actually true. Streets may be dead end, but not paths…) Each path has its virtues, & sometimes I get lost & frustrated because a certain path isn’t leading me where I think it’s going to (& at the moment, they ALL have deer flies in attendance that one can simply not dodge & one simply has to do one’s best to ignore & still notice all the peace & beauty around one)

& I’d thought about paths on previous walks, & I’ve thought, well, we’re all on a path, or paths, aren’t we? & that sometimes it’s best to stay on a (literal) path one is on, & sometimes one simply has to step off it (a great big mud puddle, say?) & sometimes one goes off down a path that beckons irresistibly, & one finds what is on it intriguing – the landscape is so pretty! & one can lose one’s interest in the path one had been on, & had maybe been following for quite a long time, perhaps even supposing it was the path one would follow forever & ever, Amen

only to discover one simply has to go on, or find, a new path

& whatever path one is on, there is always always always the chance that one will fall or step into a big pile of mud or (sorry to be so rude) even shit (I have stepped into both literal & metaphorical piles of shit more than once in my life, oh yes), & unless one chooses to take only teeny-tiny, teeny-tiny baby steps, & take no risks or chances, ever

it is STILL possible that life/Life will not, in that famous Janet McNeill phrase (), turn out in accordance with our careful plans.

Because sometimes, things BLOW UP!

Plans, marriages, storms, nuclear plants.

Sometimes stuff just plain blows up in our faces.

(or, if not, lucky you!!   I’ve had things blow up in my face a few times along Life’s highway, so I have)

and as I walked along this morning’s path, & detoured off it (most pleasantly, as it turned out), & then turned around & walked back, I was reminded of one of my very-very favourite quotations ever, ‘cos I was thinking about how amazingly lucky I am to have the awesome friends I have.

Plato said “Your wealth is where your friends are,” & true-er words were never spoken.

& to conclude (just ‘cos I feel like it, & it seems like it’s time, to conclude, I mean), these things in life save my ass:

  • friends/loved ones
  • walking
  • music
  • water
  • singing
  • writing
  • walking (yes, I’m repeating myself)
  • reading
  • books
  • friends…



p.s. admittedly, I am also quite fond of food. And, dare I say, beer… In moderation, of course. Everything in moderation…

‘Quote of the day’ with this post: “It is solved by walking.” – St. Augustine


“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

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