Collateral Damage – a VERY short essay

<April ‘09>

We (& when I say we, I mean the entire human race & all the species on the Earth & the Earth it/her/self) are ALL collateral damage – collateral damage of the human race’s unfortunate 5000-year experiment with patriarchy. (1)

The End.

P.S. not THE END, we hope…

P.P.S. I think there are some men who take personal offence when patriarchy is criticized. Please understand: patriarchy is a system. Please also read the essay “Patriarchy: What a Legacy!” – and understand, criticism of patriarchy is never, ever, ever to be construed as criticism of individuals. I think it is only as individuals, though, that we can wrestle with it, “get” how it works and what it means – and begin to dismantle its outposts deep inside our own heads – our own attitudes. Of course, having conversations about it can also be pretty darn helpful and illuminating!

(1) This thought came to me hard on the heels of the “Oh poor me” thought of “I am the collateral damage, as it were, of …” well…never mind. Point being, I went immediately from the particular to the general and…voilà – felt a little better immediately, knowing that indeed, not taking things personally can be a very great comfort! (Please consider reading the “2 Useful Phrases & 1 Provocative Question” essay for more on this very helpful advice about not taking things personally.)