Deer Fly Season

I take a walk pretty much every day. Having recently moved from the suburbs outside Toronto (Ontario, Canada) to the country outside Ottawa, I've been love-love-loving walking in the woods (as opposed to on hard sidewalks)…but it’s definitely become deer fly season. Yech! These are nasty little critters. Nasty & stubborn. I walk fast enough to evade the mosquitoes – but the blasted deer flies are able to keep up with me. Feels like they are taking a chunk out of me... Not nice. Deer flies. Deer fly season.

Feels like deer fly season in my life. Things I can usually run to keep ahead of have grabbed me around the ankles (or the throat, take your pick) – & are holding on mighty stubbornly.

Details not important.

I’m wondering whether deer fly season calls for new strategies. New ways of coping. E.g. I could be taking bike rides instead of walks.

We’ll see.


p.s. I saw a placque in a store yesterday that read “It isn’t about waiting for the storm to end. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” I thought I already knew how to dance in the rain. I guess there are new dance steps to learn. I guess there are always new dance steps to learn…

Quote of the Day: “The most revolutionary thing one can do is always to proclaim loudly what is happening.” – Rosa Luxemburg