Books & Resurrection. Resurrection & Books

<May 2/12> My energy level is very unpredictable lately. Sometimes normal (read high). Other times so low I feel as though my skeleton has turned to jelly & I have approximately the energy of limp spaghetti & my brain is tired-tired-tired & I need to go lie down right now!!

Had one of the spaghetti days yesterday.

Today? Resurrected to the land of the “normal.” Able to walk, plan, work, think cheerful thoughts. 

Fun book I’m reading, that I dipped into this morning soon after waking, is called The Know-It-All – One Man’s Humble Quest to Become the Smartest Person in the World, by A.J. Jacobs. The book’s author set out to read the entire Encyclopaedia Britanica (I couldn’t even spell it without help!?) & now in his book he’s shared a bucketload (or 2) of arcane, amazing, rare, surprising (& mostly useless but oh-so-interesting – & amusingly written) nuggets of little-known facts about the world.

I’m about halfway through (up to the M’s) & have chuckled out loud endlessly.

One from this morning, on mammals, for example: “Elephant copulation lasts twenty seconds. That should make a lot of men feel better.”

Who knew??

Funny one about divorce (a topic often not particularly amusing at all at all at all): “The easiest divorce around: Pueblo Indian women leave their husband’s moccasins on the doorstep and – that’s it  – they’re divorced. Simple as that. No lawyers, no fault, no socks, just shoes.”

& the recitation of a funny old limerick:

“A tutor who taught on the flute

Tried to teach two tutors to toot

Said the two to the tutor,

“Is it harder to toot,

Or to tutor two tutors to toot?”

As Jacobs put it, “That’s just good, clean, non-Nantucket-related fun.”


Starting the day with a smile is good.

Thanks, A.J.!


p.s. this is not the first time a day’s good mood has been induced by a book. Ahhhhh, books

Quote of the day w. this post: “Writing and reading is to me synonymous with existing.” – Gertrude Stein