Fukushima: latest I’ve heard

** note on Sept. 27/13: this is wildly obsolete now!! It was written way back when...  (Had been meaning to do a posting about the ongoing Fukushima crisis for weeks. Finally did so on April 26/12, 26th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear accident. I've since added more recent items - most recent being July 5th.)

Been hearing plenty of bad news about Fukushima for weeks now. It feels overwhelming at times…  Anyway, here are some links. Will add more in at the top when I hear of new ones (& when I have time). 

** MUST-SEE YOU TUBE **: Frying Dutchman & ‘Human Error [Uploaded on January 16/12.] It’ll blow your mind…

Other Sites to Check Out / Follow:

& an on-line book called Fukushima: A Nuclear War without a War - the Unspoken Crisis of Worldwide Nuclear Radiation.

** & perhaps other Facebook sites I’m unaware of. I don’t even pretend to keep up with Facebook…


P.S.This is all tough stuff, &, not gonna lie to you, it does get me down at times. I can honestly say, though, that action is always the surest antidote for despair. So I stay active. I walk most days, & I hang out with other activists (mostly those doing anti-nuclear work). It’s hard to stay in that place of despair when you’re using your voice & your life to change things. Sur works for me, anyway!!

P.P.S. Many good nuke-related resources/quotes here