Was on my way to an exciting & potential-filled weekend last Friday when I came up with a fun equation (true confession: I am always or at least very often making notes & having thoughts about stuff I want to write).

Community = people + cooperation + sharing + compassion + caring + conversation + music + tasks + inspiration + … did I already mention music??

Yes, + integrity, + challenges (see below).


Yup, yup, yup.


p.s. it turned out to be a very-very full, inspiring, challenging & fun weekend. All the ingredients of community I’d noted down were involved. Integrity wasn’t on my list but was certainly much in evidence. Challenges also made an appearance or two.

p.p.s. there are other things that appear to be inevitable in community. There will almost certainly be some occasional anger & impatience & disagreement(s) & judgment. We are dealing with human beings, after all!!!! (not much point wearing rose-coloured glasses; am trying faithfully to be realistic.)

For sure, community is a whole big complex ball of wax. Human nature, eh??

p.p.p.s. I’m reminded of two of my own favourite sayings: “Cut your losses. Go where the energy is” & also “Stay on the path. Don’t look down.

p.s. # 4: A glorious element of the weekend was my introduction to the work of Marshall B. Rosenberg & his work on nonviolent communication. The man is a treasure!! (his books & other materials are available here )

p.s. # 5: have you heard of the Syracuse Cultural Workers?? They produce the most awesome postcards, T-shirts, books, prayer flags, etc. etc. They make 2 postcards about community, one called 'how to build community' & the other called 'how to build global community.'  They have them as postcards, bookmarks & posters. So cool!! You really must check out this amazing organization. Ask them to send you a catalogue & then order some of their neat stuff.

‘Quote of the daywith this post: “Where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure.” – Rumi