<April 5/12> Honestly, I haven’t been feeling all that cheery lately, mostly, & all the stuff I’ve been writing is kind of dark & dreary, for example I wrote something the other day called ‘Dying’ – sort of like a really long poem, I guess, although I don’t write pomes as a rule…

& yesterday (Wednesday, actually) while surrounded by a circus-y atmosphere of political theatre characterized by nonsense & irony & posturing & … well, never mind, the … people (politicians) involved did ultimately vote the right way

it came to me that I’d like to start recording a list of things I wonder, & I do honestly wonder these things (something else I wrote recently is called ‘Liars’ – did I point out that my mind is kind of on the sober side lately? & that may seem like a non-sequitur but it isn’t really, being around politicians & thinking of lying, this is not a non-sequitur)

& so here’s my list of things I honestly wonder about, & of course this kind of list could go on for days…but I’ll only write ‘till my fingers are sore & then I’ll get back to “the REAL world,” so here goes:

Honestly, people…

  • Why are some politicians such utter DINOSAURS??? Or, hmmm, I guess it isn’t just politicians is it, it’s people, period. Why are some of us so darn stuck in a vision of “the good old days” (which of course everyone always says were not as good as some folks pretend they were) that we can’t see the noses right in front of our faces? I mean honestly
  • I also marvel at the greed & duplicity & rapaciousness & dishonesty of some people, I mean how do these people live with themselves?? I will go to my grave, I think, wondering about this. Honestly.
  • I sometimes wonder too, don’t phoney people know they are phoney? Can they not spot their own phoneyness?? Really???
  • Politicians & people who talk about democracy… Yesterday a politician who strikes me as a wee bit (well, maybe more than just a wee bit) phoney used the phrase “our great democracy” & I was dying to give him a ‘Platitude of the Day’ award or maybe tie him for an ‘Irony of the Day’ award with another politician, who’d begged for support for a cancer fundraiser in his community (I’m aware of what I just said, btw) with no hint of irony over the fact that these very same politicians are bringing us a garbage incinerator that will bring increased rates of dangerous air pollution & cancer (they just can’t seem to GET this, can they???) & also on the irony front, this is a council that can spout platitudes like “our great democracy” right after they’ve just limited the amount of time that “deputations” (i.e., the great unwashed public) can speak & have a say about all these matters affecting us & whose tax dollars pay their salaries & office space & overhead & pensions…..I mean honestly, dudes, how do you deal with yourselves???
  • But then I wonder too when I hear non-politicians who refer to our political system as a “democracy.” Was it ever really a democracy?? I’m not so sure it ever actually was. Oh sure it’s a treat & I guess even a privilege to live in Canada compared to tons of countries we could name but let’s stop pretending it’s a democracy, oh lazy people who think democracy means marking your ballot once every blue moon (or failing to do so, even!!) & then checking out & doing your own thing for the next 4 years. I mean honestly. If you think this is a democracy we are living in, you are not paying attention

** Note: some relevant quotations about democracy down below & also here

Well I guess I could go on here indefinitely, almost, but I’m itching for a cup of coffee & I’m even (more than) a little tired of my own negativity of late, but here’s 1 last thing I just gotta say

  • This big charade we’re all engaged in, this big civilization-about-to-go-under gig, yeah, that one, the one we’re not allowed to talk about – why is it we’re so darn afraid to talk about it?? Is everyone afraid we’ll all collapse into great big blobs of pathetic quivering jelly or something? Will saying the words out loud destroy & devastate us more than pretending it isn’t happening & then acting all shocked & horrified later, as things get worse & worse & worse? I mean honestly


p.s. well there are other things I honestly wonder about, like, when women are being dishonest &/or petty &/or control freak-y, do we notice we’re being petty & dishonest & control freak-y?? (I sure notice.) When men are being dishonest &/or patronizing &/or control freak-y, are they aware they are doing it???

p.p.s. I’m going to try & re-locate my cheerful, uplifting Pollyanna persona soon, & write something cheerful & uplifting soon, I mean it. I’ll try I’ll try I’ll try, I promise, I promise I promise. I mean it I mean it I mean it. Honestly

(‘cos I don’t even like myself when I’m in this kind of head space…)

p.p.p.s. if you feel insulted or minimized or….whatever…by my tone here, & do feel too afraid to talk about stuff & are just kind of in despair about it, consider reading this old posting about ‘Despair & Empowerment’ okay? It might just help…

p.s. # 4: & I’m still walking every day, & talking, & singing often-ish, & hanging out with people, oh yeah. Walking helps a lot

Relevant Quotations Promised

“True democracy is only possible when people have effective power over their own affairs, their own goals, and their own resources. The larger the governing unit, the less responsive it is to human needs, the more bureaucratic and inefficient its administration. Government, we must always remind ourselves, is not (or should not be) a professionally organized system to tell people how to run their affairs; it is (or should be) a means whereby people themselves are enabled to resolve matters in their own community.” ~ John Papworth in Putting Power In Its Place

“Life is a passion of activity, or it is nothing. Genuine democracy rests, not upon an attitude of pleased expectation of receiving, not upon an irresponsible sense of liberty to work one's will, but upon unflinching self-surrender, unceasing activity in behalf of the common good. Services must be voluntarily rendered, often more strenuous than those exacted by superiors under the old feudal order. For democracy is a stern and lofty creed of willing self-denial, of responsibilities staunchly borne, or it is a chaos and a failure, a stampede of the masses for power or for gain.” – Margaret Sherwood, 1918

“A politician is required to listen to humbug, talk humbug, condone humbug. The most we can hope for is that we don’t actually believe it.”Character in P.D. James’ A Taste for Death

“The most serious threat to democracy is the notion that it has already been achieved.” – Source unknown

Tommy Douglas on Fascism: “Once more let me remind you what fascism is. It need not wear a brown shirt or a green shirt – it may even wear a dress shirt. Fascism begins the moment a ruling class, fearing the people may use their political democracy to gain economic democracy, begins to destroy political democracy in order to retain its power of exploitation and special privilege.”

*** plenty more related to politics & democracy here, & plenty more, period, listed here

Quote of the day’ with this post: “A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves.” – Bertrand De Jouvenel