Came across a great quotation the other day.

“Planning is not part of our culture. You just get up in the morning and do what you need to do for the day.” – Marilyn Wallace of the Kuku Nyungka ‘mob’ (aboriginal nation) in northern Queensland, Australia. - quoted in the Steve Leahy article Indigenous Peoples Needed to Meet the Challenge of Climate Change (other good, recent articles by Steve here).

I love it!! It resonates hugely for me - a person who believes in trying to live from the in-side out, rather than the out-side in (I believe most people in our culture do the latter, & I used to too, only it didn't really make me "happy," or make very much sense to me).

I think we "westerners" need to learn some wisdom from cultures in which it is understood that our maniacal efforts to "control" this, that & the other thing have always been doomed to failure. (If you don't think so, just take a look around!! World = bit of a mess, wouldn't you say??)

For some reason I understand down to my bones that plans are all very well, but that we mustn't count too much on them. I'm sure you know what I mean.

Well - lots of stuff to do today, so off I go. (Knowing it may not go according to plan - but I'll at least get going on what I think needs doing today.)


p.s. I've written about plans before - a posting called 'Plans = Neat. Life = Messy.' The posting 'A Walk in the Woods' talks about mislaid plans...

p.p.s. lotsa folks probably don't know what I mean when I talk about inside-out & outside-in. Or have a knee-jerk reaction to the suggestion that being a bit less plan-focused might make sense. "But how could we get by in the world without a ton of plans????" they will say. Read what Eustace Conway says about boxes in the blog posting here. He nails our culture pretty darn good. It's worth hearing his assessment...

p.p.p.s. the posting 'Control Freaks Anonymous' touches on all of this too...