Reason? Or Excuse??

A friend & I were walking & talking today. We’d been talking about separation (I was telling him about the blog posting I did the other day that focused partly on separation, & that I’d had some additional insights about it just this morning), & we wound up picking up bits of plastic along the path we were walking on, beside the lake (the idea of plastic blowing needlessly into bodies of water like lakes & streams & rivers & oceans has always made me a little crazy)…

And I said to Mike that I know people who would say to me, “Oh Janet, you shouldn’t do that, what if you get SICK from picking up other people’s garbage?”

(And I think some of these people do suffer from feelings of separation – as in, they think, I guess, that they are somehow separate from all the environmental & social justice crises facing our species, & think they can keep all this stuff at arm’s length??? which I find really, really absurd – like it or not, dudes, I’m pretty sure we are all in this gig together!!)

And I said I think people often refer to this or that as a “reason” for why they don’t do anything, or something, & me, I think these reasons are more like excuses.

& Mike said, we could say to such people “You never know when you might lose your civilization because you don’t give a damn” & I said, “Mike – that’s quotable!!”

So that’s why I’m quoting him.

Happy Wednesday & may you not suffer from (excessive) feelings of separation !!


‘Quote of the daywith this post: “You never know when you might lose your civilization because you don’t give a damn!” – Mike Nickerson, “the interloper” (& author of Life, Money & Illusion)