I should probably have called this post 'Hope: a definition I can live with. Or by.' But I have an obsession currently with 1-word titles...so I'm leaving it at 'Hope.' If I were feeling more energetic, I would include a variety of quotations or definitions on hope. And/or some links to my own postings on the subject of hope vs. action. (easy enough to find them here, under H, in the Index.)

But I'm a bit pooped today, so I'll just mention this definition that is new to me.

G.K. Chesterton said “Hope is the power of being cheerful in circumstances which we know to be desperate.”

Well, hooey! I like it!!

I feel as though the circumstances of Life on Planet Earth (especially with respect to various nuclear situations which again, I don't even have the energy to list off, & they are numerous...) seem a little on the desperate side. 

Fortunately (perhaps even inexplicably), I am able to retain my mostly cheerful nature.

There - that gives me a big thing to be grateful for on this less-than-energetic day!!


p.s. here are 2 more things I am grateful for: having run across some Eckhart Tolle wisdom on the weekend, thanks to the book Oneness With All Life - Inspirational Selections from A New Earth, & Tolle's wise words therein about acceptance, enjoyment & enthusiasm. Thanks, ET!!   The 2nd thing is another book, this one Anne Lamott's funny, wise, wonderful Bird by Bird - Some Instructions on Writing and Life - a treasure I have dipped into again & again over the past 10 years or so, & find inspiring & helpful & cheering (& fun!!) every time. It was there I found the reference to the Chesterton quotation about hope. So, thanks to these wise writers who have helped cheer me up today!!