Thank God for People who Make us Laugh!

<April 12/09>

It’s the Sunday of Easter weekend as I write this.

These “family weekends” are not always my finest hour, shall we say…

Divorce, I like to say: “The gift that goes on giving.” Heh heh.

I get a little maudlin sometimes. Don’t mind me…

So, I did a fair bit of reading today.

Lorna Landvik, author of Angry Housewives Eating Bonbons (& numerous other equally enjoyable novels) was my companion today. She made me smile & laugh out loud & even cry…the whole gamut.

I LOVE her books.

I polished off Your Oasis on Flame Lake & then reached for another novel.

What came to hand was Douglas Adams – the funny & oh-so-clever author of The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series.

The book jacket of The Restaurant at the end of the Universe says about him, “He is not married, has no children, and does not live in Manhattan.”

At this, I burst out laughing.

There is plenty, plenty, plenty to make us cry – to despair, even, but I’ve already shed enough tears for one day.

Thinking of people who make me laugh reminds me of my dear friend Penny, with whom I’ve shared raucous laughter over the very inappropriate topic of 2 x 4’s. This is a “family publication,” as they say (isn’t it??), so I’ll say no more on that score.

But thank you, thank you, thank you, all of you who make us laugh.

Blessings on all your houses,


p.s. if you want a few laughs yourself, here are 3 items that will help! Here, here & here