Bumper Stickers: Saturday

Can’t seem to stop myself with this bumper sticker thing!?(1) Also, cheating a bit – drafted this on Friday, but had already done a Friday one… (& also had no chance to post it until Sunday!).

  • I’m a misfit – & that’s OK!! 
  • Some people who speak with seemingly unassailable authority DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HECK THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT!!! (so important to realize this…)
  • You gotta be your own guru, Dude
  • Don’t put people on pedestals!! Only one way to go off a pedestal, hmmm?
  • People you look up to will let you down eventually. (Get over it…)
  • Politicians should dress like racing car drivers; at least then we’d know who their corporate sponsors are (seen as a real bumper sticker, btw).
  • “A nation cannot prosper long when it only favours the prosperous.” – Barack Obama (who appears to have forgotten this, hmmm? Also spotted as a real bumper sticker, in the U.S.)
  • Look for the lotus flower that is springing up out of the mud. Always, always, always, there winds up being a lotus flower.
  • Timing is EVERYTHING
  • Just go to bed. Tomorrow is another day…


‘Quote of the day’with this post: “Kindness is hard to give away, ‘cos it keeps coming back to you.” – seen on a church billboard

(1) The others can be found here, here & here