Are you feeling fractious today?

I know I am, & apparently I am not alone. A driver yelled at me as I was walking across a pedestrian crossing at a traffic light this morning, on a major street in my small town. He seemed pretty exercised about the fact that I was crossing on a green light, but without the little crossing symbol. He probably doesn’t realize that if you don’t get to the light before it changes, & press the little button, the pedestrian crossing symbol doesn’t light up. I wasn’t prepared to wait through a whole extra cycle of lights changing, especially at an intersection that favours the east-west traffic over the north-south, & at which one frequently has to wait a long time.

I just let his little shouting episode wash off me like the proverbial water off the back of a duck.

I recalled Eckhart Tolle’s comments about ducks in The Power of Now – how they don’t seem to stay mad, or harbour resentment – they simply flap their wings & get on about their business.

I also recalled The Four Agreements, specifically the one about not taking anything personally.

I have a suspicion there may be a fair bit of fractiousness about lately.

So many Buddhist writers seem to suggest that we “Above all, be kind.”

I don’t always feel like being kind.

But I have a suspicion it’s going to be very good advice for the days ahead!!