Worlds Apart!

Evolution biologist & futurist Elisabet Sahtouris is a brilliant woman I had the great privilege of hearing speak at the Marguerite Centre in Pembroke, Ontario in November 2007 (my, but there were some over-the-top presenters when Paul Schwartzentruber was head honcho there!!).

Ms. Sahtouris said something that really stuck with me. (She showed an amazing film, too, called “Crisis As Opportunity: Living Better on a Hotter Planet”)

She pointed out that we all live in our own world. None of us live in “the same world” as anyone else does. Kind of a mind-blowing idea, when you think about it.

To nail the point home, she asked “Do any of you feel you live in the same world as the members of your family?”

Hooey. It brings on a smile just thinking about it. The answer is sooooo Noooooooo!!!

(I’m sitting on a crowded TTC – Toronto Transit Commission – subway car as I scrawl these words.

There are 100s of us on this subway car. We ALL live in different worlds.

Every one of us has a completely different world running, inside our own head.


<end of subway-scrawled notes>


Yikes! Well, this helps explain quite a lot. I am in regular contact with some people I would swear are not just not from the same planet, they may not even be from the same galaxy. But as far as that goes, I also can’t begin to fathom people who work for/in the nuclear industry, who very clearly operate in a startlingly different world than the one I inhabit.


And, I’d just had a conversation, before the subway ride, about how I find Toronto a very friendly city, with someone who’d recently had a conversation with a man who finds it unfriendly & even downright snooty, only he didn’t “get” (until it was explained to him) that women in a big city are not automatically going to respond in a super-friendly way to random male strangers who speak to them out of nowhere. (This seems like such a “Duh” to us women, but there you go, men & women don’t live in the same world, either, do we??)


The world is full of people who say, “What can one person DO?” & that old “You can’t fight City Hall” line, while in my world, I (have mostly chosen to) muse on possibility & potential, rather than on limitations. People are always asking me questions that highlight their fear, whereas I like to focus more on courage & possibility.


Different worlds.

& paradoxes, hmmmm? My posting about circles, crosses & resurrection two days ago was about how we are not alone, we are not separate. And this is true.

Now I’m talking about how we all live in different worlds. & that’s true, too.


Well, shoot, Reader, I never promised you any uncomplicated rose gardens, did I????

I do think it would have helped the human race a whole great big bunch if we had maintained close ties with one another, with our own tribe, maybe, instead of fragmenting off the way we have (into aptly-named nuclear families, yikes, what a phrase, hmmmm??), so that now it’s much easier to accept the different worlds perspective than the one world one.


My spirits & energy are unusually low of late, not gonna lie to you. I’m still probably fundamentally cheerier (& more grateful) than lots of folks you run into.

But the state of the world is getting me down pretty seriously right now; true story.

My own personal “little” world is pretty pleasant. But the world “outside” is scarier (or even more terrifying) by the day.

How is one supposed to integrate all of this??


I keep reaching here to find some pretty, neat or insightful way to end this little set of musings, but nothing along those lines is coming to me.


Well, I know some folks who believe really spectacular things are going to happen for human beings in 2012.

What a lovely idea!

Sure hope they’re right!!


p.s. Gregg Braden on "2012 & Fractal Time."

p.p.s. an article about solar flares & nuclear power that I find pretty sobering. "Why a Likely Natural Event Could Cause Nuclear Reactors to Melt Down and Our Grid to Crash."

‘Quote of the day’with this post: “What lies behind us and what lies ahead are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson