Bumper stickers: Wednesday

  • Oops. Toxic Wednesday again!! **
  • Just got lost on the Internet
  • Got lost inside my red notebook, too
  • Do we live on the same planet??? (more on this soon)
  • Spinning…spinning…spinning
  • I forgot to remember
  • I remembered to forget (more on this topic soon)
  • “Spiritual” people, eh?? What does this mean???

** Wednesday is cleaning day in this house, every other week. No one has told the cleaner/home owners how toxic most cleaning products are. Eeeeeeeek! I really need to remember to remember to be out of the house on these Wednesday mornings. Headache time…


p.s. we can thank the Canadian Nuclear Safety (sic) Commission head honcho, Michael Binder, for these recurring bumper sticker thoughts on my part. At the steam generator hearings in Ottawa in late September 2010, Mr. Binder asked Lake Ontario Waterkeeper Prez Mark Mattson what the “bumper sticker” question or thought was out of what Mattson had just said. Ahhhhhhhh. I guess all of our thoughts, in Mr. Binder’s mind, should be distill-able into bumper sticker phrases. Short thoughts for small minds?? Whatever

p.p.s. & I was dipping into There's Lead in Your Lipstick - Toxins in Our Everyday Body Care and How to Avoid Them (by Gillian Deacon) just last night. Conventional shampoos?? Scary...

'Quote of the Day' with this post: “Imagine if, for the last 50 years, we had sprayed the whole earth with a nerve gas. Would you be upset? Would I be upset? Yes! I think people would be screaming in the streets. Well...we’ve done that.We’ve released endocrine disruptors throughout the world that are having fundamental effects on the immune system, on the reproductive system. We have good data that show that wildlife and humans are being affected. Should we be upset? Yes - I think we should be fundamentally upset. I think we should be screaming in the streets!” – Prof Louis Guillette