Bumper stickers: Sunday

I didn't get time to post this yesterday. Now it's Monday. Ah well.

  • What a great day! 
  • Why am I so darn grumpy then?? 
  • Just say Yes!! 
  • Nuclear Despair 
  • People are (still) the best!! 
  • Mental Moral Acrobatics: We ALL do it  
  • Serious Truth-Telling: Isn't It Time?? 
  • Nuclear Despair 


Note the repeat of Nuclear Despair.

I probably think altogether too much about nukes: nuke energy, nuke waste, nuclear arms, nuclear exports, nuclear war. Hence, frequent Nuclear Despair.

Yesterday I went to the Peterborough Film Festival (ReFrame) & watched 'From Chernobyl to Fukushima: A Campaigner's Journey' & 'Into Eternity' (about Onkolo, the long-term high-level radioactive waste storage site under construction in the northern part of Finland. Conversation with the filmmaker here )

Both well worth watching - more than once, even. (I'd seen both before, but am glad I saw them again - though the stories they tell are not pretty, exactly.)

Best we should all watch both, I think.

We need to know what we're up to, with our nuclear energy plans & plants & accidents & "routine emissions" & waste - don't you think??

Sobering, sobering, sobering.

(As I have always said, action is the best possible antidote to despair - which is why I'm an activist, not a passive-ist.)

Onward ho!


p.s. Many nuclear-related quotes/books/resources listed on this page

'Quote of the day' with this post: "Paul McKay’s Atomic Accomplice provides the history, science, and economic background of the purveyors of nuclear fuel and reactors, and outlines global future energy options to wean ourselves from non-renewable sources. In the end, he is correct in pointing out that only one nuclear furnace – our Sun – is an energy source that is effectively endless, and can promote both peace and prosperity.” – David Suzuki, scientist & broadcaster