Port Hope (Nuclear) Hearings: Award Ceremony!

So, I spent 3 days last week (January 17/18/19) in Port Hope, Ontario, at 3 different hearings of the CNSC (Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, ‘though I staunchly maintain this is an oxymoronic term, or perhaps just plain moronic, in that there is no such thing as nuclear safety, however much otherwise we may all wish!)(1). My first posting on this, here, describes how it all made me feel. Good short article/YouTube on the hearing here (Transcripts of the hearings here & here & here & here & here)

My attendance at such events is never quite complete for me until I’ve handed out awards to the nuclear industry for its/their appalling behaviour. (There are posts similar to this one here & here & here.)

So hey! Here goes, already – only this time I’m providing minimal explanatory text, as I’m finding that the more I obsess about all this, the cruddier it is making me feel. So I’m going to breeze through it & get on to more pleasant pursuits, alright? Life is, after all, as they say, short…

  • ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) should read ALARM!! (I know, I know, this is more bumper sticker than award; indulge me!)
  • Arrogance above & beyond the call of duty
  • BBBBB award: Bleah Bleah Bleah Bleah Bleah… (everyone who was in attendance knows which CNSC staffer snags THIS one!!)
  • Confidence: Cameco Port Hope Conversion Facility Manager Dale Clark is very very VERY CONFIDENT!!!!! Hooey is he confident!! Confident is very clearly his most-extra-specially favourite word! (He’s proud too, but more confident than proud.)
  • Dance-Dance-Dance-Dance-Dance around the truth!
  • Denial award (SO many contenders for this one, & not all of them in the nuke biz)
  • Down the Rabbit Hole…always always always!
  • Eckhart Tolle award: to Mr./Dr. Binder(2) - President & CEO of the CNSC - who has apparently grown like crazy spiritually & is now a firm advocate of living in the moment! He will neither apologize nor explain nor take responsibility for the past crimes/misdemeanours of the nuclear industry; he is instead fully committed to the present moment. In this way he conveniently ducked/deflected questions about the use of Depleted Uranium at Cameco’s facilities & any questions about Cameco’s partaking in the manufacture of weapons, or the inevitable CNSC oversight of such activities. How very-very convenient!!! This is all quite brilliant & clever. Mr./Dr. Binder – head honcho of Canada’s nuclear “regulator” - proud recipient of the ET award. Who’d have thunk it??)
  • Follow the Money (always, always, always, follow the money, eh??)
  • Fuzzification above & beyond the call of duty
  • Gravy Train / Golden Handcuffs award
  • Healthy Outrage award to the Port Hope citizens who stand up year after year to nuclear nonsense (more on these folks below)
  • Hollow Language, Hollow Promises, Hollow…People??
  • Hubris...nuclear hubris
  • Humour (unintended? Or did she do this on purpose??) award to CNSC tribunal member Dr.Moyra McDill, who, after a presentation from someone from the Cobourg Waterfront Festival committee (there in support as their payment for Cameco’s corporate largesse…read donations), asked whether Port Hope has a waterfront festival. Well, this sent a bunch of us into fits of unexpected laughter. A waterfront festival in Port Hope? With its raped, ruined waterfront & industrial buildings & scarey stored barrels & tarp-covered radioactive waste right on Lake Ontario??? (note to Dr. McDill: please read Pat McNamara’s book Port Hope – Canada’s Nuclear Wasteland In Chapter 2 you can read about the harbour/waterfront & how the community lost its beach & the local youth their pavilion. No, Dr. McD - there is NO WATERFRONT FESTIVAL IN PORT HOPE!!!!! , & there is not liable to be one for, oh, I dunno, thousands of years???)
  • Integrity / Speaking Truth to Power award: this goes NOT to the nuclear industry but to the brave & determined Port Hope souls who have suffered so much for so long & who as a rule receive not credit but brickbats for standing up to the truly venal & nasty polluter of their community. (Have you read Ibsen’s play An Enemy of the People?? Well worth a read….). Faye More, Pat McNamara, Derrick Kelly, Dan Rudka, the Haskills. Pat & Tom Lawson. No doubt many others I have missed. Good, solid, courageous, determined citizens who truly speak on behalf of everyone (by which I mean, in the true interests of everyone), & who receive precious little thanks for doing so. Bless you bless you bless you & thank you, courageous truth-tellers!!!!!
  • Junk Science / Junk Language / Junk Ethics
  • Moral Vacuity
  • Nuclear Farce
  • Nuclear (Dysfunctional) Family
  • Selective Hearing
  • Shame on You!! (Cameco wins this one, hands down. For cavalier treatment of those harmed by their activities. Out of profits of well over $5 million per day, every day, you can spare nothing for those you have harmed?? Shameful, shameful, shameful!)
  • Team Player/s
  • Willful Naivete/Willful Ignorance/Willful Stupidity
  • Zoning Out: I am awarding this one to myself. I felt so appalled so much of the time at so much of what I was hearing the nuclear industry claim that I kept zoning right out. Flying off into La-La Land & ignoring what was being said (there is only so much BBBBB & nuclear b.s. a person can really absorb, you hear what I’m sayin’??)

Finally, language-wise, I just want to conclude that the letter “S” is the overall winner in this 3-day hearing.

The words that kept coming to mind were:

  • Scuzzy
  • Smooth
  • Slick
  • Slippery
  • Sleazy
  • Snake Oil Salesmen in their expensive
  • Suits(3)

& on that note, off I go for a lovely walk on a very-very-very lovely day. Every time I find myself in danger of having this horrid industry knock me too far off-kilter, I go out for a brisk walk in a world that, miraculously, is still abidingly abundant & beautiful!!**

Thank goodness, still & always, for “everyday magic”!!!!!


** no thanks to the many corrupt corporate rapers of our lovely Earth home – nuclear not the only one of course, but perhaps the most evil of them, given the beyond-forever nature of their toxic leavings. If only we humans had the good sense to stop working for these pillagers!! Like that old naïve question, “What if they gave a war, and nobody came??”

‘Quote of the day with this post: “It’s hard to be delicate when you realize your friends and families are being sacrificed to allow the nuclear industry to prosper.” – Pat McNamara in Nuclear Genocide in Canada

p.s. Lots of good nuke quotes/maps/films/books/resources/links listed on this page

p.p.s. relevant posting here, too


(1) It sort of seems to me as though the term Canadian Nuclear DANGER Commission might be a little more accurate…you know???

(2) Can’t seem to get straight on this Mr./Dr. thing with Michael Binder. He is said to have a Ph.D. in Physics (University of Alberta), yet his colleague Dr. McDill refers to him as “Mr.” This explains my little Mr./Dr. thing. I am just not clear on this.

(3) But I’m not bitter. Heh heh heh heh heh…