Experts, eh??

Experts. They sure don't always get it right, do they?




The list is long.

I rest my case.


p.s. Good short (8 minutes) YouTube on the harmful effects of radiation here

p.p.s. Personally, I have come to very much dislike the word "expert." & lotsa folks I know who are wickedly smart & wickedly knowledgeable about, say, nuclear matters, would never call themselves experts. They have too much humility for that. Anyway, you always gotta ask yourself how deeply the person's self-interest is tied up in her/his so-called "expertise." Getting a salary (especially an extremely high one, or a ludicrously high "fee") can kinda turn a person's head around, hmmm? As I've been known to say in the past, some of us are bought. And some of us are not.

p.p.p.s. I recall something I once said to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission in a letter. I recommended that all future CNSC hearings be conducted with everyone present sitting in a circle (instead of having the CNSC tribunal members elevated above all the participants the way they always are). And no fancy, expensive suits; everyone wearing her/his blue jeans & maybe a T-shirt. No pretensions, hmmm? Then it would quickly become clear who the real "experts" in the room were...

'Quote of the day' with this post: “Always be prepared to believe that experts are stupid. They very often are.” – Jane Jacobs in CBC interview with Eleanor Wachtel.