Blog Queries: Funny & Odd

On my blog, I get to look at sort of statistical information about the # of people reading it & what queries put into a search engine led them here. I can also "track" IP addresses (Internet Protocol is what IP stands for, btw). Just to the city &/or state or country of their origin. So I am never able to find out which individuals are reading it, but which country &/or state or province or city they are from. Or in some cases, which government department. (Yeah, there is some of that.) I'm pretty sure most readers are not from Canada, or people I know. Who'd have thunk it, eh?? Some readers seem to have it set up such that every time I do a new posting, they receive a copy of it via e-mail. If I knew how they set this up, I'd suggest others do it too!! Only I don't. (A question to ask one of my more tech-savvy friends, hmmm? I know I have this set up on some other people's blogs; I just don't know how to tell anyone how to do it for mine!?) Sometimes I'm curious as to who these folks are...but I don't get to find that out. One's anonymity is utterly protected!

Some people land on my blog after having made some kind of interesting Google queries. Just a few (I wish I'd kept track of more; some of them are sure a hoot!!):

  • Is the whole world dysfunctional? (Uh. Mostly it kind of seems that way, doesn't it?)
  • Were the mines in Bancroft properly decommissioned? (Um. I really kind of doubt it.)
  • Is it safe to live in Elliot Lake? (Sorry to say, I am not so sure it is.)
  • How do I ship a radioactive bar of steel? (I wish I was making this up.) Sir or madam, in response to your query, shall I just say "I would rather you did NOT."
  • Do radionuclides suppress the immune system? (Yup; 'fraid so!)
  • How old is Janet from janet's planet? (Why would you care??)


I miss 99.9% of all this tracking stuff, 'cos mostly I am out living my life, not sitting on my blog & watching stats. So I bet I've missed scads of other pretty fun queries that have sent people to this blog.

Onward ho! Another busy day ahead...



'Quote of the day' with this post: "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, the rational mind a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." - Albert Einstein