Fukushima: 9 months in

A friend just recommended this link for a Fukushima update. (12 minutes.) So glad she did!

I encourage everyone to watch it, & the 60-minute segment of EcoReview also.

Very useful to hear a nuclear engineer explain things - e.g. about Cesium & Strontium in fish, how citizens need to demand more from politicians & health agencies as regards the radioactive contamination of our food - as it stands now, today, & how it will change over time as the radioactive contaminants from Fukushima continue to disperse across the globe, in air & ocean currents.

This crisis is going to be with us...all of us...well, for a very, very long time.

Best we be informed about it. Since we can't count on the nuclear industry for that, thank goodness for the Internet & various groups & individuals dedicated to telling us the truth!

(This man, Arnie Gundersen, is a former nuclear industry insider who became a whistleblower. Thankfully!! His actions have been a great benefit to us all!)

Please check him out, & watch his regular updates. Gundersen understands that many of us find nuclear technology daunting, to say the very least, & in the 2 segments I just watched I was grateful to learn some basic facts from his clear low-tech but well-explained demonstrations aimed at making complicated things grasp-able by average citizens.


p.s. not gonna lie to you, Reader. I've written about possibility recently, not just once but twice, & even about feeling what I call "F2B" (full to bursting) with things like gratitude - & I don't make this stuff up, I really feel pretty awesome a lot of the time! I also feel pretty freaked out about all things nuclear, if you want to know the truth. It gives me the willies. It's madness, it's a nightmare, I can't paint a pretty picture of the nuclear scene at all. Having said that, the only cure for me, the only way out of debilitating despair (which is a real energy-zapper, not to mention not a whole lot of fun) is to be ACTIVE, an activist, awake & active. Not closing my eyes & pretending there isn't, or rather aren't, an awfully daunting # of problems of all kinds & sorts & varieties facing the human race & our only home, this beautiful Earth. Great thinker Thomas Berry used to say there is always ambivalence. He sure got that right!

p.p.s. thinking about despair reminds me of Joanna Macy & her despair & empowerment workshops. Check it out!

‘Quote of the day’ with this post: “Anyone who has one iota of a brain or humility could only conclude that nuclear power is insane!” – Anne Hansen, painter, photographer & bicycle enthusiast (lots of other great nuke-related quotations here)