Christmas Wish List

These are some items that are not on my own personal wish list, you understand; they’re things I would give with considerable enthusiasm to others – strangers, even! Items I’ve gained much from myself. Some you need actual cash for, others are a little on the intangible side & if I could somehow distill their essence, bottle & sell them, I’d be rich! (Fortunately, I am wealthy already, if not rich, so this doesn’t matter so very very much.)

Except that then I could afford to buy all the other items for friends, family members, rank strangers & in some cases sad or troubled-looking people I see on the street or while riding the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission buses/subway/streetcars). How one wishes sometimes (often) that one had a magic wand, hmmm??

Books I LOVE:

** you gotta know, it’s very hard for extreme reading addict me to have a recommended book list with only 7 titles on it…..



Attendance at an ‘Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream’ symposium

The More Intangibles

  • Ability to live in the moment
  • Ability to have fun!! Laugh…smile lots :) :) …let go…
  • Ability to be like a kid
  • Clear conscience (Filipino proverb “A clear conscience is more valuable than wealth.”)
  • Frequent sensation of being F2B (full to bursting) with gratitude, joy, the sense of possibility (yeah, I know, I’m a little crazy…)
  • Finding (well, creating) a life of meaning & purpose
  • Good friends (“Your wealth is where your friends are.” – Plato. True story!!)
  • Growth – knowing one is on a life-long path of growth (whether one likes it or not!?)
  • Music – to listen to, sing along with, belt out in the kitchen or shower, be cheered up by
  • Tribe to belong to (& work for, & with)


  • The enormous potential of HBs (human beans, I mean beings)
  • Knowing one is not separate…alone…alien. One is a worker bee in the vast & wonderful human colony
  • Solidarity (see above)
  • Urgent joy

& of course, one wishes for a 100 other qualities to be more manifest on the Earth:

Honesty…Integrity…Compassion…Feistiness…Courage…occasional (or even frequent!) outbreaks of social conscience. One could go on & on….


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‘Quote of the day’: “It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, but it is not possible to find it elsewhere.” ~ Agnes Repplier