Accidents, nuclear & otherwise...

Having one of "those" days. Not getting done what I'm "supposed" to get done. So, just going to share a few links w. you.

I've both laughed & cried this morning. From the sublime to the ridiculous.

As so often, am focusing on nuclear issues, which are enough to make you crazy (& I didn't have far to go!?).


Article here is good on the subject of why technology can never "save" us. In light of the disaster that is Fukushima (YouTube about latest big leak here), an "accident" that will be affecting us all .... forever, I guess.... perhaps now is the time for more of us to clue in to this simple truth: accidents happen. They always will. So let's stop - now - playing with forces that are so clearly beyond our ability to control, shall we?????

Go here for a chuckle about engineer-speak. And bear in mind, it's engineers who dominate the nuclear industry. And the nuclear lapdog, er, I mean watchdog, agencies. (I really ought to do a post soon on my growing list of engineer WTF stories. The things some of them say!?!?!)

Anyway, I really ought to be doing other stuff, so I'll leave you with this link. It's the one that led to a few tears on my part. Only 5 minutes long...


p.s. Here is something I bet you didn't know. Most folks don't know it. (There is plenty about the nuke biz most folks don't know.) But here's just one teeny-tiny thing (a "small" thing that is really quite a BIG thing) that some of the recent converts to nuclear energy need to know: Way back in 1959, the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency, which exists to promote nukes) made an agreement with the World Health Organization that prohibits the WHO from doing or publicizing research into the effects of radiation on human populations. This agreement remains in effect. Now what do you make of that, eh?

p.p.s. There is plenty of other stuff the nuke industry doesn't want you to know. You can read lots about it in the book Cover up: what you are not supposed to know about nuclear power. It's available on-line, free. Sure hope Mr. George Monbiot (& certain other high profile types who've come down in favour of nukes post-Fukushima) downloads & reads it. He's just plain all mixed up on this subject!! (& all that bullroar about nukes solving the climate issue? Bollocks!)

p.p.p.s. 3 other free-to-download books are


p.s. # 4: Lots of great nuke-related quotes (& maps, & films) listed here