It’s Saturday (for the record, Saturday, December 3rd, 2011) as I write this, & you know what I think about Saturdays?

Saturdays are about possibility.

That’s what they’re about for me, or at least that’s what they’re about when that’s what they’re about, ‘cos of course sometimes they don’t seem to be about possibility at all

But today is about possibility – ‘cos yesterday I had certain plans for today, & then around bedtime last night I changed the plan, ‘cos the day (today) that I'd planned wasn’t looking very much like possibility, it was looking more like too damn busy for one human being to pull off…

So I changed the plan, & then I went to sleep & slept in (I was TIRED), & woke up & did laundry & hung it on the clotheshorse & reorganized my dresser drawers (which were not so much about possibility as about serious disorder, although I suppose serious disorder could also be filled with possibility really, couldn’t it??)

& then I thought,

“Yeah! I DO want to go into Toronto & hang out with the Occupy Toronto solidarity march” (on a day that was a global day of action on climate change)

& because this was/is a Saturday all about possibility, that’s what I’m doing, & I’m writing this on the GO train on my way into the city

& you see it made me remember my old life years & years ago now, when Saturdays used to be about possibility, most especially when my kids were still young… when I was a full-time Mom/homemaker/community volunteer & on Saturdays when my children were young my (former) husband would be home, & sometimes he’d take the kids out with him to do errands, & I’d be so excited about having a few hours to myself that I’d get feeling positively bursting with possibilities,

& I’d think of all the mountains I could get moved on that day filled with possibility, & I’d charge ahead & start on the mountainous to-do list, & maybe by around 3 pm or so it would have become abundantly clear that I wasn’t going to be able to move quite as many mountains as I’d thought…

But still & all, the next Saturday morning I’d get that wonderful Saturday morning optimism feeling again (I didn’t have the phrase ‘possibility’ in my vocabulary at that point)

& possibility is a feeling that excites me still, in spite of all the damn nuke plants (like the one this train just went by) & beautiful Lake Ontario (which we are riding along beside right now) being filled with chemicals & tritium & other nuclear wastes & the sky – the air – being filled with toxins & bad for our health & so many 100s or 1000s of things being “wrong” & messed up on our planet…

because oh, in some way I don’t even understand myself, in some way I can’t explain

the way I live my life, with lots of walking & music/singing & good friends & well-loved family members & work I find very very meaningful indeed – & the Saturdays (& other days) of possibility – let’s not forget those! – some days still feel very very much about possibility…

So you can go right ahead & call me crazy – a self-deluded madwoman – & maybe I am, maybe I am...

But I still say this: all of us self-deluded crazy people who bust our butts trying to change things, make things “better” – “save the world” – just think for a moment how much worse things would be here without us.


& you tell me, do you get feeling charged up with thoughts & feelings of possibility often, & if you don’t, tell me, is that really working for you??

So off I go, to downtown Toronto to help fill Dundas Square with likeminded souls who don’t just give a damn, they are willing to get up off their butts & do something – & say something – & be something, something other than resigned & apathetic

so go ahead & tell me I’m wasting my time.

& you know what? I won’t be listening anyway,

I’ll be chatting & chanting & laughing & marching & feeling very much like a loved & appreciated & fulfilled member of a great big messy (frequently dysfunctional) family/tribe who would rather get together & celebrate what we have in common than hide out in our little (or even big) suburban boxes (& cars) – & we’ll be noisy & it will be FUN, & we will feel charged with possibility – even if only for a few hours – & a few hours of possibility are sure a whole lot better than no possibility at all

At least that’s what I think…


p.s. one of those “landmark” experiences in my life was attending a Landmark Forum weekend, & the concept of possibility is a key one in the LMF vocabulary. You can read about my experience here

p.p.s. a so-so-so-so worthwhile take on the Occupy movement can be found here. You can say you “don’t have time” for it, but if you “have time” for stupid dumb fluffy stuff like you see routinely on television, I’d say take the time, make the time for this quite brilliant discussion involving Michael Moore & Naomi Klein & several others equally brilliant & articulate…because the present & future they are talking about are your present & future too!

p.p.p.s. I always enjoy the chants & placards at gatherings like the one on Saturday. Neat ones I saw this time:


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