Bananas! (take 2)

Meaning, what I don't mean, is, take 2 bananas. As in, help yourself to 2 bananas. Meaning, I've written about bananas before - it's here, in a post called 'Playing with Plutonium: It's Bananas!'

Poor old bananas. Plutonium, DDT - sheesh!

So, yes, this take on bananas is about DDT. It's sort of a message to my kids, who as far as I know don't read this blog.

but they do eat bananas...& not organic ones.

Someone reminded me the other day that bananas (non-organic ones) contain DDT.

I heard this years & years & years ago, when I was still doing a lot of work on the pesticide issue, trying very hard to get people to stop spraying their lawns with dangerous chemicals, & a friend told me "Janet, don't put banana peels in your compost, 'cos they have DDT in them."

I don't have time to really go into this, OK? I'm otherwise occupied, you might say.

But as I say, it came up again the other day.

It goes like this: DDT is a very dangerous chemical (you could get lost for days in research about DDT & dioxin & cancer & Agent Orange & municipal solid waste (MSW) incinerators; don't say I didn't warn you!), & it was banned in North America way back in 1972, but it is still (apparently) manufactured in North America & exported to South America, where it is still being used on bananas.

So, the long & short of this blog post is, if you are going to eat bananas, & if you don't wish to ingest any more DDT than is really utterly necessary, I'd strongly suggest you buy organic bananas.



p.s. we Moms don't like to be too heavy-handed, you know. We know our kids don't always want us giving them advice about things. & besides, it isn't just my kids who need to know this. We all need to know it!! So, thanks to Robert for reminding me!

p.p.s. the previous blog post is called 'Showing Up (take 2)' & it's got some good links in it about dioxin & MSW incineration & a book by Sandra Steingraber that has plenty in it about how dioxin downloads from Mom to baby through the breast milk, so if you want to know a little more about incineration & dioxin & all, have a quick read, OK?

'Quote of the day' with this post: “Imagine if, for the last 50 years, we had sprayed the whole earth with a nerve gas. Would you be upset? Would I be upset? Yes! I think people would be screaming in the streets. Well...we’ve done that.We’ve released endocrine disruptors throughout the world that are having fundamental effects on the immune system, on the reproductive system. We have good data that show that wildlife and humans are being affected. Should we be upset? Yes - I think we should be fundamentally upset. I think we should be screaming in the streets!” – Prof Louis Guillette