Gratitude for Grumps

I’ve already written quite a lot about gratitude on this blog. If you go here, you’ll see what I mean.

But I think there may be some tough customers who think they can’t do gratitude. I maintain that gratitude is for everyone, & everyone includes grumps.

So, okay, grumps, unless you are irrevocably wedded to your eternal grumpiness (& I guess some of you are!), read on. You have nothing to lose but your endless grumps, defeatism, lack of joy, frequent frowns, bad moods, wet blanket-ness, black cloud contribution to everyone around you…&… I guess I could go on, but I won’t!

& trust me! Your family, friends, lovers, colleagues, partners, fellow students, neighbours, siblings, children, supermarket checkout ladies – etc. etc. etc. – will be DEE-lighted to notice that your grumpiness got lost or misplaced somewhere along the way.

Now, here’s the funny thing, Reader. I got this far drafting this item back on Oct. 27th, & then got swept away by life & other blog postings, & never got back to this. Until today, Dec. 2nd. & you know what? Truth is, I’ve been feeling a little on the grumpy side myself lately. Fairly unusual for cheery old me, but I think this time of year can be challenging even for those of us who are almost perennially cheery. It’s December, hmm? The days of increasing erosion of sunshine & earlier & earlier arrival of darkness. The days leading up to Christmas, a big material & emotional blow-out for so many of us. In short, a challenging season for a very great many of us. I have long found this season a tough one.

Also, I’m just “getting” that some of us have a person or situation in our lives (or a whole big load of ancient crud we schlep around with us that seems to do major spillover into our daily dealings with people) that we permit to throw a black cloud over our little world – & we use it as a reason (maybe more like an excuse?) for being pretty grumpy, pretty routinely.

I have a very, very dear friend who basically conveyed to me yesterday a message more or less this: why be miserable every Thursday only for the however many hours involved in the weekly task of … bleah bleah bleah, details not important…when I can be miserable about it ALL day – & maybe even let the misery seep into the day before & the day after too?

Ah…how we all sometimes resist happiness or joy, hmmm? And I am spotting this particularly right now because I’ve been doing the same darn thing myself. Guilty!

And now I must admit the truth about this blog posting. If someone really is completely & utterly wedded to her/his deep & eternal grumpiness (for now), blessings on us all, there may in fact be nothing we can do. If you are stuck living with a BG (big grump), I feel for you. Can’t be a lot of fun living with Ms. or Mr. Grump.

& here now, for my own apparently currently necessary reminding, are a few words about gratitude – an attitude I have found literally transformative in my own wee life. Janet: heed thy own wisdom!!

Or, hmmm, maybe I’ll just spend 10 minutes or so re-reading my own old essays about gratitude.

Starting with this one, & then working my way up & down the list until I feel some sort of “click” of recognition or inspiration that will get me off my own butt, December grumpiness-wise.


P.S. We are also blessed – & perhaps more inclined away from grumpiness – if we feel appreciated. And if we are in regular contact with people who love us. I feel very grateful for that, too. I do feel loved, & appreciated, on a regular basis. Living alone can, I know from experience, be quite challenging in these regards. Folks who live alone might want to consider doing some volunteer work on a regular basis. It will almost certainly make them feel better about themselves, & in my experience, I always-always-always get as least as much out of volunteer gigs as I put in – usually, actually, a whole heckuva lot more!!

'Quote of the day' w. this post: “Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” – Arundhati Roy