Occupied, Preoccupied

I woke up from a dream in which I was down at Occupy Toronto, so this morning I am preoccupied with thoughts about Occupy.

And my mind is preoccupied with thoughts of all the things I want to do today. It’s Saturday, the first weekend I’ve been at home for three weeks I think & things are a mess here & I want to get sorted out but I think of all those young people down at Occupy Toronto & they’ll be going on another march today & I feel as though I really should be there with them, in solidarity, because I know that all this occupying they’re doing, they’re doing for me too, not just for themselves, that much I know for sure.

And right after I woke up, preoccupied with my dream about Occupy, it came to me how occupied we ALL are, & we’re "occupied" now from the moment of conception.

We’re born occupied – “pre-polluted” (or pre-occupied!) as they say. Toxins in our little bodies from the moment the sperm meets the egg

& we’re born into worlds of privilege or its opposite, & either way, we’re occupied, our minds are occupied

And so many of us are occupied & preoccupied with all our sorrows & our shames, our neuroses & our pain

And we’re born occupied with the idea that we’re “entitled” to this or that (I guess we all wind up feeling entitled one way or another, whether it’s to privilege or to pain) & wouldn’t it be nice if we all just felt entitled to be the very best we can possibly be in a world where the best we can be is the gold standard for every one of us, & the best we can be also miraculously happens to be the very thing that’s best for everyone else in the world too? My best + your best = our best, the world’s best.

Instead of a world in which poverty & greed are always at war, in which the air is full of poisons, & even the wars being fought somewhere “halfway across the world,” across an ocean, involve the use of sick & evil weaponry that sends its poison floating all over the world & drifting down on (& into) all of us.(1)

Our deeply wonderful beautiful world is occupied with radioactive poisons (chemical poisons too of course) & wastes & our very bodies are under full-time assault & most people don’t even realize this nuclear genie that got out of the bottle is poisoning us all every single day in the form of a cancer epidemic that has occupied us all – we are ALL downstream & not just downstream, we’re awash in it, now that cancer is everywhere & has even become such big business, & I wish to goodness I was making this up!

And who is the more colonized? The colonizer or the colonized?

These 1%-ers. I know they’re very very occupied. They’re occupied with greed & lust for power & feelings of entitlement & superiority.

They think they’re “better” than you or me – but then some of us 99%-ers suffer from some of these same dangerous crazy thoughts that occupy us too.

We are all colonized.

“De-colonize your mind,” said a brilliant young man I heard speak at a rousing Grassy Narrows rally last year at Queen’s Park (the provincial legislature building) in Toronto.

Decolonize your mind & grasp that these young occupiers are just our younger selves – less some of the baggage & mind noise & money & illusions & “stuff” we older, “middle-class” types are occupied with. Bogged down with. Weighted down with. Burdened with.

I salute you, young occupiers everywhere.

You are brilliant.

You are brave.

You are speaking for me…& for all of us.

You are "occupying" for me…& for all of us.

Today I am occupied, & preoccupied, & today I need to be selfish & “do my own thing” – so that tomorrow & next week I can have more energy & brilliance to occupy myself with the things that occupy my life.

But I’ll visit you again soon.

Don’t go away!

Don’t give up!

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you… :) :) :)


p.s. my other postings about Occupy are here & here & I will do another shortly ‘cos guess what? I did wind up going down & not letting myself be so preoccupied with organizing my own little life, & went & hung out for a few hours with the Occupy Toronto crowd. More soon.

p.p.s. there seem to be 2 sites for Occupy Toronto, this one & this one. There is probably lots of Facebook stuff too, I just don’t happen to “do” Facebook myself so I don’t know…

(1) Depleted uranium. Read about it herehere & here