Fukushima: Recommended reading/viewing

Funny morning. Had a work task I was supposed to do, but circumstances have prevented me from doing it. Instead I've spent some time reading some messages related to the ongoing nuclear crisis/disaster at Fukushima.

I'd suggest others read these items too - & circulate the links.

The Fourth Reactor and the Destiny of Japan

The Need for Independent Assessment of the Fourth Reactor

Just stay on the blog there & keep reading, folks.

Sobering, sobering, sobering.


P.S. The Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility Web site has many items related to nuclear accidents.

P.P.S. More items, added later:

P.P.P.S. There are a # of postings about Fukushima on this blog. Use the Index at the top to find the others. I do particularly recommend the one called 'Fukushima: The Big Lies Fly High.'