Occupy Everywhere!

Hooey, is this international movement exciting!!

Lots of possible sites to visit listed here, thanks to various friends who've sent me stuff. Tons more springing up every moment, I'm sure!!

(I came late to this party. Had my head elsewhere, & heard about it finally when someone sent me the first item below. Better late than never, eh? It’s gonna be a very longggggg party – so consider yourself invited!)

The Best Among Us, by Chris Hedges

We Are the 99% - in a diversity of voices, who this movement consists of. Very, very moving.

First ‘Official’ Statement From the Occupy Wall Street Movement

Occupy Wall Street: The Most Important Thing in the World Now by Naomi Klein

10 Things to Know About Wall Street's Rapacious Attack on America

99% vs. 1% -- The Latest on Occupy Wall St. Movement: 853 Cities, Occupy Philly Inspires, Media Coverage Improves

1000 cities around the world are participating in the Occupy Movement! To find out about an event near you go here or here Watch live streamsOccupy Streams

Occupy Wall Street FAQ (although this item appears to be Toronto-centred)

The Media Co-op – Local Independent News has launched a platform to cover Occupy actions across Canada. Go here for coverage of the movement across the country & to upload stories & photos from Occupy actions in your own community.

Occupy Together Compilation of short videos/statements on the Occupy Wall Street movement – David Korten, Naomi Klein, Bill McKibbon, Chris Hedges, Michael Moore & more.

Conservatives Trying to Sabotage the 99 Percent Movement Over the weekend, an assistant editor with the right-wing magazine “The American Spectator” bragged that he infiltrated a group of protestors as they marched to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum on Saturday and that he was at the forefront of provoking the police to respond violently.  The group was protesting  the museum’s unmanned drone exhibition – and were pepper sprayed after a confrontation with museum security.   Patrick Howley – the right-wing editor whose only intention was – as he put it in an article he published later – “to mock and undermine” the movement, was one of the first to taunt and confront the Museum’s police.

Occupy Toronto Market Exchange

Occupy Toronto

Another Occupy Toronto protest planned for Wednesday


P.S. I’ve been saying for a while now that protests are really celebrations.

P.P.S. Please forgive my Toronto-oriented bias. I just happen to live fairly near that city!!

P.P.P.S. Some good quotations about civil disobedience here