Nuclear Free Planet (++ groups list)

** btw, a later post here skips the chat & just lists the groups. As I add in new ones I hear about, I am only adding them into the later post, so please do go there for a more complete list! In Canada, it's Thanksgiving weekend. We're having a gorgeous weekend, weather-wise.

I'll do some family-oriented stuff, & I plan to have a nice long bike ride (or 2) & hit the farmers' market.

& I'll do lots of musing about thankfulness - gratitude, which is the force that more or less fuels my life. Maybe I'll do a blog posting about that too.

For the moment, I am feeling very, very sobered after watching the short video series "Knocking on the Devil's Door: Our Deadly Nuclear Legacy." This is in 8 parts & features a variety of experts on all aspects of the nuclear .... hmmm... the nuclear....well, nightmare is really the only word I can accurately use. (Read a review here )

Folks involved include Dr. Chris Busby, Dr. Helen Caldicott, Dr. Vandana Shiva, Karl Grossman, Kevin Kamps, Cindy Folkers, Greg Palast, Dr. Janette Sherman, Harvey Wasserman, Aileen Mioko Smith, Dr. Michio Kaku & others I've failed to name, for which I apologize.

It covers all aspects of the nuclear business & explains that the only way nuclear power can be called "safe" is when the 2 ends of the fuel chain are conveniently left out - the mining of uranium at the beginning, & the waste at the end. It also explains the utter corruption of the industry & our governments' utter complicity in that corruption.

Please watch it yourself. (If you are an extremely sensitive person, you may find some scenes in Part 7 very upsetting. Birth defects being caused by depleted uranium. Very difficult to have to face these things that are unfortunately indeed taking place. On our watch.)

Then, please give serious consideration to becoming active for a nuclear-free planet. Lots more help is needed, believe me!


P.S. Lots of sites you can visit to learn more.(I will add to this list as I learn of more groups.)

Many, many groups & information sources to choose from that you can hook yourself up with!!

P.P.S. Good quotations about nukes here (also a growing list of good films about nukes & other odds & ends of info).

'Quote of the day' w. this post: "The problem of nuclear power is it's not built on concrete, it's built on lies." - Greg Palast, author & investigator