Ontario Election: a little light humour…

So, there I was, sitting at an all-candidates’ meeting in Courtice the other week (Courtice being in Durham Region, east of Toronto, Ontario (Canada) in the electoral riding of Durham, where 16-year Conservative incumbent John O'Toole is once again running), & I said something to my buddy, who replied “Yeah, you could run a 3-headed pig in this riding & it would win as long as it was wearing Conservative colours,” & I replied “Yeah, & in this riding (home, as it is, to the many nuclear reactors at Pickering & Darlington) a three-headed pig would not be an impossibility!!”

And the next day, when I told another friend about this conversation, he replied (disappointed as he was at the voter apathy that led to such a very poor turnout at the all-candidates’ meeting(1), “If a three-headed pig was running, we’d at least fill the room, even if only with gawkers!”

And you know? You gotta have some laughs in this crazy life, what with the inmates running the asylum & all….


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‘Quote of the day’ w. this post: "Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.” – George Jean Nathan, 1882-1958 (so vote already!! It's a privilege, & a right - so exercise it, pullese!!)

(1) Many of the local media outlets, almost all of them corporate-owned & not, shall we say, really “independent,” also apparently failed to inform their readers of the event, which obviously didn’t help the turnout too much…